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if the link doesn't work for some reason, the song is called Cliffhanger Sky High on youtubeHi All, sorry it took so long to upload, My friend helped me set up a youtube channel to upload tracks to. I am very inspired by the classic Zimmer Scores of the 90's. I envisioned A climactic rescue aboard A speeding train for this particular cue.<br> <br>I avoided bringing up the TF films in this thread until AFTER you dragged them into it.<br>===============<br><br>No one dragged anything. <br><br>I briefly mentioned that franchise, among many other things you conveniently ignored (you do that a lot), to prove a simple point: that a director doesn't get to make 5 movies from the same franchise if people aren't enjoying his work. Simple as that. I never talked about the "quality" of each of those movies. Go see the comment again.<br><br>YOU picked up on this and started talking obsessively about the TF. <br><br><br>==============<br>Going after every person that doesn't like Bay and trying to obsessively "debunk" them is psychotic, yes. <br>==============<br><br>Look at your first comment here, pal. Look at it good! Snarky, dismissive, almost trollish, and with a clear intention to provoke people. Let me quote it: "Another day, another Bay film that doesn't know what fun is." <br><br>I only "go after" people who can't share their opinions in a respectful, mature way. There are a lot of comments here I disagreed with. But I never confronted those people. Why? Because they know how to properly share an opinion. <br><br>I only go after people who provoke, make fun of someone/something and troll. I've never "attacked" a person who didn't deserve that kind of response. My post history here speaks for itself. <br><br><br>===================<br>And constantly referring to other people's opinions and whinging about the box office doesn't make you objective, especially with how self-contradictory the latter has been.<br>===================<br><br>Nope. Not even close. <br><br>You're just bitter that I'm using quotes from proven, talented people like Spielberg who support Bay. What quotes can your side use? Just quotes from knucklehead film bloggers and critics who hate half of what Hollywood makes. <br><br>No one with an actual integrity and knowledge of the film business can dismiss what Bay has accomplished. You may not like his stuff, but to completely dismiss him as a filmmaker is.......moronic. Truth is, it's only small fries on the internet who are angry that their favorite mid-level directors aren't as big and successful as Bay.<br><br>That's really the bottom line. <br><br>Speaking of that, who is YOUR favorite filmmaker? Go ahead, share it with us. Let's see who is that PERFECT filmmaker you drool over.<br><br>I'm really curious.<br><br>==============<br>By your own "objective" reasoning, this would make them his worst films. But you don't acknowledge that, because you don't actually care about objectivity.<br>==============<br><br>Huh??<br><br>When did I said that box office success or box office failure means that a movie is good or bad?? I never that. So if you don't mind, stop putting words in my mouth.<br><br>Thank you. <br><br><br>==================<br>You care about faking it when it suits you, and chucking it when it doesn't<br>==================<br><br><br>Kinda ironic coming from the person who ignored the majority of the stuff I said here. Careful cherry-picking, convenient ignoring of stuff, and putting words in my mouth is apparently what you like to do. <br><br><br>================<br>What do you mean "next time?" Your first reply here was calling my opinion a joke.<br>================<br><br>Uhhhh, that's because it IS a joke. Because it is not true and because it was posted with the clear intention to provoke. You are the Negative Nancy here, my friend. Not me. Jesus Christ, even your nickname tells people exactly what they can expect from you......"Cynical Makooti". <br><br><br>====================<br>I didn't insult you for anything other than lying to win an argument<br>====================<br><br>Oh, that's're certainly not winning this argument. I mean, that's obvious. <br><br>And..... I never posted a lie. Just because "your sources" claim something different doesn't mean it's the truth. Pacific Rim wasn't a success - considering the huge expactations and the fact that the movie's budget is $200 freakin' million - and they DID try to start a franchise with 300. They failed. <br><br><br>================<br>Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.<br>================<br><br>That's rich. Coming from the guy who calls himself "Cynical Makooti". The guy who now plays the victim, even though he was the one who started this with a childish, trollish comment. <br><br>Look at my first reply to you. I was jokingly mimicking your style. Intentionally. Then you tried to be a smartass with your next reply. But EVEN THEN, I responded in a normal way with my second post. After unleashed your true self. <br><br>And now, you're acting like the victim: "Poor me, being attacked by a crazy Bay fan!" <br><br>So please, don't talk about self-awareness. It ain't working.<br><br><br><br>================<br>Pacific Rim was a domestic bomb that turned things around with its international box office.<br>================<br><br>Haha, maybe you should read more Forbes. Take a look at what they said about the entire (already failed) Pac Rim universe. Read a bit more on how much money the studio lost from the first flick and why they actually went with a sequel. It ain't because the first one was a beloved hit. <br><br><br>=======<br>The Last Knight lost about $100M according to Paramount themselves. That doesn't sound like an international success to me.<br>=======<br><br>Okay, I believe you. Now, would you please share the link to that statement from Paramount. <br><br>Thank you. <br><br><br>=============<br>Maybe it does to you, but I can't speak for that little fantasy world you seem to be living in right now.<br>=============<br><br>Hey, it's certainly a better and more reasonable place than your world. A world where you completely dismiss and ignore the accomplishments of one of the biggest filmmakers out there.<br><br>What's your next claim? <br><br>That Donnie Trump is the best President in history?<br><br><br>Have a nice day!Do any of you think that Junkie's Justice League score will ever get released or leaked? I was really excited to hear how Junkie planned on developing the themes used in the prior DCEU movies. Especially the Batman themes from BVS. It's a damn shame how WB handled that film."Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1."<br><br>Newsflash: I avoided bringing up the TF films in this thread until AFTER you dragged them into it.  Only then did I treat them as fair game.  Considering they make up a third of his filmography, I don't see why I SHOULDN'T address them.  How convenient is it that bringing them up is only ever valid when YOU do it?<br><br>More to the point, I already said I thought his decline kicked in from Pearl Harbor onwards.  The TF films are just his rock bottom.<br><br>"So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic."<br><br>Going after every person that doesn't like Bay and trying to obsessively "debunk" them is psychotic, yes.  And constantly referring to other people's opinions and whinging about the box office doesn't make you objective, especially with how self-contradictory the latter has been.<br><br>Pain & Gain and 13 Hours, his supposedly best films, also have his lowest box office turnouts.  13 Hours was a flat-out bomb.  By your own "objective" reasoning, this would make them his worst films.  But you don't acknowledge that, because you don't actually care about objectivity.<br><br>You care about faking it when it suits you, and chucking it when it doesn't.<br><br>"Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything."<br><br>What do you mean "next time?"  Your first reply here was calling my opinion a joke.  You already have this method down.  You're just too dishonest to admit it.<br><br>Notice how I avoided accusing you of anything until AFTER you started outright lying about movies and flaunting it as objective fact.<br><br>You insulted ME first, pal.  I didn't insult you for anything other than lying to win an argument.  Not for your opinions, not for your celebrity crush, for being a disingenuous twat. <br><br>Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.<br><br>"Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality."<br><br>Then it's a good thing I never quoted a single one of those, let alone as objective proof, isn't it?<br><br>Man, appeal to authority, appeal to popularity, mistaking correlation for causation, slothful induction, strawmanning, I could make a bingo game outta this.<br><br>"So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?"<br><br>Not "according to me."  According to the studios that make the actual films.  And Forbes.  Remember Forbes?  You considered their word inarguable fact a couple posts ago.<br><br> ic-rim-and-more-domestic-flops-that-became-global-hits/#3f3e 914d7c18<br><br>Well whaddaya know?<br><br>Pacific Rim was a domestic bomb that turned things around with its international box office.<br><br>That thing you said TF5 was but actually wasn't.<br><br>The Last Knight lost about $100M according to Paramount themselves.  That doesn't sound like an international success to me.<br><br>Maybe it does to you, but I can't speak for that little fantasy world you seem to be living in right now.<br><br>Wow!  Just wow!
ThxSeville, The Bait, Ambrose Welcomes Nyah, Chimera Myth, Beach Fight, Ambrose Dies.Can we stop? I agree with the other guy more in his points, but it's clear that this is gonna keep going nowhere if you're gonna be so overly defensive about something that you claim is merely subjective.But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br>======================<br><br><br>Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1. <br><br>So no, "challenging the viewer" is not about Transformers. You chose to focus on these movies. Not me. I was actually reffering to Bay movies like The Island and especially Pain and Gain. <br><br>But I guess you like to talk only about Transformers.....Good for you. But that's not how a discussion works. <br><br><br>===================<br>Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact. I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here. It's psychotic.<br>===================<br><br><br>So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic? <br><br>Wow! Just wow!<br><br>Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything. For you, that is apparently the normal behavior.<br><br><br>======<br>Bad movies make money. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.<br>=======<br><br>Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality. Also, a "bad" movie to you is the greatest movie for the guy walking next to you on the street. As Kevin Smith said: "Every movie is someone's favorite movie". <br><br>Let's try to keep that in mind.<br><br><br>============<br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br>============<br><br>Really?<br><br>Then what do you have to say about Pacific Rim 1. I present to you.......the pure numbers:<br><br>Budget: $200 million. And that doesn't include the marketing cost.<br>Worldwide gross: $411,002,906<br><br>So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?<br><br>Wow!!Yeah lol back then only Harold was confirmed.
Can you tell me a names of cues, that was been on Klaus website?Formality indeed. Complicated ! lol<br><br>You can bet Blake Neely didn't need anyone to "write" those 10 seconds !! lolI always found these credits to be a bit confusing. Klaus Badelt is credited on almost every cue, even when his themes don't appear and another additional composer is credited as well. I thought maybe it was just a formality that Zimmer and Badelt were credited everywhere (I mean, how much could they be involved on a cue like "Welcome to the Caribbean"?), but then "No real ship" and "Sword Fight Pt. 2" have no Badelt for some reason. Does someone know a bit more about this?well the composer confirmed he is working on it to be released very soon<br>"It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain."<br><br>I didn't think it was possible for a Bay fan of all people to be this insufferably pretentious.<br><br>I thought that was more Snyder fanboy territory.<br><br>But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br><br>Kudos, man.  Kudos.<br><br>You can hide behind however many fallacies you want.  If "Not to me" and "You do you" didn't give it away early on in this thread, I DIDN'T try to treat my opinions as fact.<br><br>But that doesn't mean I'm going to add a little "IMO" at the end of every goddamn sentence just to coddle you. <br><br>On the flip-side, consistently making appeals to authority and popularity, "B-b-but Spielberg said!", "B-b-but the Forbes poll said!" don't make you objective.<br><br>Y'know, it's funny.  When I listed off better blockbuster examples, you could've very easily just argued against them on the level of the films themselves, and everything would've been fine.<br><br>Sure, you would've just claimed you can't see the action at night sooner, which is rich when you praise the film series that puts the subjects of its action scenes OUT OF FOCUS every other shot, but hey, that's just honest opinions versus honest opinions.<br><br>But using two belated half-assed sequels from different, less talented directors that lost most of the appeal of the first movies, as some sorta litmus test for how well-liked the first movies were, is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.  That's not objectivity, that's not even confusing correlation with causation, that's saying 1+2=4.<br><br>That's the real joke here.  Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact.  I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here.  It's psychotic.<br><br>Bad movies make money.  Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.  But if that's the kinda road you wanna go down, I guess movies like Avatar, The Force Awakens, or all the Avengers movies, are "objectively" better movies in every conceivable way than anything Bay has made in his entire career.  I mean, CLEARLY those films must have a bolder style and push more boundaries.<br><br>Why else would more people watch and rewatch them, right?<br><br>Reasonable causation is for those goshdarn geek journos.<br><br>And by the way, The Last Knight lost money.  Period.  Almost 100M according to Paramount themselves.<br><br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br><br>Have a nice day.
Siding with the guy that lied through his teeth to feign objectivity seems like a bad call.<br>==================<br><br>Kinda ironic, coming from you....but I'll take it as a compliment. Thank you! <br><br>And yes, he sides with me because what I say is common sense. For whatever reason, you have these strong negative feelings toward Bay films and those feelings blind you to some pretty obvious truths. <br><br>Have to say tho - for a 'hater' you sure know A LOT about him, his style and his movies. <br><br>Just admit it - you are a huge Bay fan but you just want to score some points with the snobbish internet crowd. <br><br><br><br>============<br>In any case, modern Bay and Snyder don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Fury Road.<br>============<br><br>Oh, you're one of THOSE people......"Fury Roaaaaaaaaad is DA BEST FILM EVAAAAAAAA".<br><br>Let me guess: you also think that Nolan is the greatest director/person of all time. On par with Jesus himself. <br><br><br><br>==========<br>What DOES matter is scripts with razor focus, sharp pacing, witty and/or charming humor (if it wants humor, that is), and characters likable enough to carry us through the narrative.<br>==========<br><br>Which is what Transformers 1 is. <br><br>Which is why the movie connected with audiences. It was - at its heart - a story about a boy and his car. Even the most jaded critics enjoyed that aspect.<br><br><br>=============<br>And again, the likes of Pacific Rim, or 300, or the first Pirates of the Caribbean, or the first Kingsmen, or John Wick, or most Guy Ritchie films, or the better fourth of superhero films, illustrate that Bay and Snyder have no excuse.<br>=============<br><br>Excuse? For what?<br><br>My friend, you do realize that Bay in particular is one of the most powerful and successful filmmakers of all time, right? He is the second highest-grossing director of all time (domestically), only behind Spielberg. You can dismiss box office success all you want but you don't get to where Bay is if you're not good at your job. <br><br>Snyder is nowhere near Bay, in terms of success and influence. Personally, I don't care much about him. <br><br><br>P.S. Guy Ritchie (and Edgar Wright) are huge Bay fans. Ask yourself why. <br><br><br>===============<br>They just aren't very good filmmakers on the whole<br>===============<br><br>Your opinion.<br><br>I disagree.Bay walks the lines between being self-serious and comical, but his films aren't well=written enough to serve the former, or witty enough to serve the latter, and the end-result is droll and annoying.<br>====================<br><br>You sure you're not a "writer" for one of those ridiculous geek sites like Collider, Screen Rant or Slash Film? Because you sound a lot like one of those "beloved" writers. <br><br>Anyway......Yes, Bay's movies always walk that line but whether that works or not is........Yes! a matter of opinion. For me, Pain and Gain is one of the best modern satires while for you it is - I'm guessing - "droll and annoying".<br><br>It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain. <br><br>Some of you folks are indeed very hard to please. <br><br><br>===============<br>The first POTC earns it. The Bad Boys 2 doesn't. Infinity War earns it. TF 1/2/3/4/5 doesn't.<br>==============<br><br>Okay, now that statement is the best joke of the year! Thank you for the good laugh! Really! Oh, and I've definitely argued with you before, my friend. You are clearly one of those ten Bay haters from the IMDb forums who claim to hate everything the man does, yet they have seen EVERYTHING he had done. Why is that, I wonder?<br><br><br>===========<br>Fitting, as Synder and Bay are cut from a very similar cloth. Difference is, unless we're talking Man of Steel, I'd sooner rely on Snyder for consistently good action sequences<br>===========<br><br>Well, I would trust Spielberg on this. Because it was Spielberg who said, and I quote: "Michael (Bay) is one of the greatest action directors. He has the best eye in Hollywood." Spielberg works with a lot of directors. But he never said anything like that about any other director. So clearly he means what he says about Bay. know......unlike most people, Speilberg actually knows a thing or two about filmmaking. <br><br><br>================<br>300 didn't try to start a franchise. It was a one-off adaptation of a graphic novel in the same vein as Sin City, and was successful. They tried to make a cash-grab sequel almost a decade later, without Snyder, and it failed. That's hardly the first film's fault.<br>================<br><br>It is a clear proof that people weren't that excited to visit this world again. And mind you, that happened with the first sequel! Talk about a one-time thing, huh?<br><br>At the same time, Bay made FOUR Transformers movies - with different casts - before there were any signs of audience fatigue. <br><br>That speaks for itself.<br><br>===========<br>Pacific Rim suffered from lackluster marketing, and yet still managed to turn a profit and attract a strong following.<br>==========<br><br>Excuses, excuses, excuses.....So you can display all the excuses in the world for Pac Rim but when it comes to Transformers, you don't accept anything. <br><br>Double standard much?<br><br>P.S. That "strong following" is on the internet. The same following that was supposed to make Scott Pillgrim a huge hit. Everyone knows that internet hype is not real-world hype. I know very well the type of people who act as if Pac Rim is the best thing since sliced bread. Total geeks who are angry that Transformers is much more popular and much more successful than Del Toro's "let's shoot all the robot fights in pitch black so audiences can't see shit" movie.  <br><br>Also, let's not pretend that Pac Rim is a universally beloved film. You know very well that there are A LOT of detractors as well. That's what you get when people can't tell what's going on during the movie because you shot it all at night. Just like that Godzilla movie. <br><br><br>============<br>Versus something like Transformers, which has piggybacked on an established IP, relentless marketing campaigns and tie-ins, and a fairly consistent release schedule. And even then, recycling the same bullshit eventually took its toll.<br>============<br><br><br>Wrong.<br><br>Do you read Forbes? You should. Because it's a place where objective people write. It ain't a stupid militant film geek site like Ain't it Cool News or Screen Rant.<br><br>Forbes published multiple articles explaining in great detail why the Transformers movies were successful EXACTLY because they were directed by Bay. Whether you like it or not, my friend, Bay is a brand. He is an auteur. There were multiple polls before the first two Transformers movies and Bay being the director was one of the main reasons for people to watch the movies. <br><br>But I guess you missed all of that, huh?<br><br>How convenient.<br><br><br>==============<br>Friendly reminder that AoE also relied on China (more pathetically then even Pacific Rim did) to compensate for diminishing domestic returns. To say nothing of TLK outright bombing.<br>==============<br><br>First: according to ACTUAL real data, the only TF movie that was saved by China is.......Bumblebee! Yeah, you better believe it. Go to Deadline and Forbes and read it for yourself.<br><br>Second: TLK bombed domestically, yes. <br>But not internationally. No one with actual knowledge of the situation refers to that movie as an international "bomb". Besides, there were 4 super successful TF movies before TLK. So Bay got nothing to prove. He already created one of the biggfest film franchises in history. <br><br>How many directors can say that?<br><br><br><br>==================<br>I know you like debunking Bay naysayers with "facts and logic," but it helps to not be grossly disingenuous while doing it<br>==================<br><br><br>Goes both ways, my friend. But unlike most naysayers, I don't treat my own personal opinions as facts. And if I'm being "disingenuous" then I don't even know what to say about some Bay haters who refuse to accept even the most obvious facts and truths.nopeYou realize there is a very easy and free method to get the music from that site, dont you?Random thought but this got me thinking about Zanelli's history with fantasy.<br><br>Whatever happened to his score for Delgo?  I know it's been accused of being super derivative of his other works anyways but still, it's weird to see a RCP score just drop off the face of the Earth like that.

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Steve JablonskyLorne BalfeClay DuncanTJ Lindgren
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Length: 59'50 rating:        4/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   3/5 (22468 votes)
  1. Autobots (2:33)
  2. Decepticons (3:52)
  3. The All Spark (3:35)
  4. Deciphering The Signal (3:09)
  5. Frenzy (1:57)
  6. Optimus (3:16)
  7. Bumblebee (3:57)
  8. Soccent Attack (2:07)
  9. Sam At The Lake (1:58)
  10. Scorponok (4:56)
  11. Cybertron (2:46)
  12. Arrival To Earth (5:27)
  13. Witwicky (1:57)
  14. Downtown Battle (1:33)
  15. Sector 7 (2:05)
  16. Bumblebee Captured (2:17)
  17. You're A Soldier Now (3:28)
  18. Sam On The Roof (2:03)
  19. Optimus Vs Megatron (4:00)
  20. No Sacrifice, No Victory (2:58)
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superultramegaa reply Replies: 2 || 2020-01-11 17:19:32
So I've recently been revisiting the score of the 2007 TF game based on this movie and man, is the music fun as hell. It honestly makes me wonder why Jay Flood didn't get more work. Thematically of course it's nowhere near the movie in terms of development and memorability, but overall I believe it's one of the best Jablonsky scores out there.

From a pure writing/composition standpoint, it's vastly superior to the movie. With some bold brass triplets, advanced string writing, chromatic lines here and there, atonal sections, a wider variety of overall tone, and even some memorable themes for the Autobots, Decepticons, and the main theme introduced in the main menu.

So what do you guys think of the game's music. I've never seen any mention of it on here, and I'd be curious how this community received it.

Bayhem2020-01-12 10:57:23
Never listebed to the game music....I always thought it wasn't as worthy as the movie score.

But judging by your comment I guess I was wrong.

Have to check it out.

Hybrid Soldier2020-01-12 11:25:36
Yes it is really good.

Michael Baker reply Replies: 0 || 2019-05-07 01:39:50
Hybrid also said a while back that Lorne was involved in most of the third act action music.

jack bell reply Replies: 9 || 2019-05-01 12:36:33
I cry when i listen to ''Optimus'', who did that Hybrid? Just Steve?

Bayhem2019-05-01 16:37:22
Speaking of "who did what?", I wonder who actually did 'Scorponok'...….mainly the part that we all love :))) . It's not exactly a Balfe-style track, and honestly it screams "Jablonsky" to me, but I could be wrong....

Michael Baker2019-05-01 18:18:38
Well, not much in this score is "just Steve", Jack. ;) So Optimus probably has someone else's input in there.

@Bayhem, I remember Hybrid putting Scorponok on Trevor Morris' page when the music samples were here. Doesn't mean he did all of it, but I guess he helped out.

Bayhem2019-05-01 20:20:51
I remember Hybrid putting Scorponok on Trevor Morris' page when the music samples were here. Doesn't mean he did all of it, but I guess he helped out.

Interesting. He got "special thanks" credit on IMDb, but he's not listed as an additional composer.

I guess he didn't work a lot on that project....

jack bell2019-05-01 20:59:33
Did you notice? Optimus track is like Hans Zimmer's Knight Of March from King Arthur

Mephariel2019-05-02 02:28:31
That is not surprising. There are numerous similarities between King Arthur and Transformers.

KnightLite2019-05-02 13:49:35
And potc2 is nearly a direct rip of King Arthur

superultramegaa2019-05-04 22:09:50
My guess is "Optimus" is solo Steve. First of all it's a suite, and those are usually the main composer's solo tracks, but you can tell it's Jablonsky by the style.

The choir is still there but used at more key parts, the main tune is simple, but melodic, and the flute is featured quite prominently showing Steve's aptitude for woodwinds for one of the few times in there series. The final third is also very Steamboy in its combination of melody and rhythm, and the type of percussion that is used (sticks and lighter drums).

The only other possible credit is what's been hinted at a few times on the forum already which is Lorne Balfe co-composing "Bumblebee" (aka the Journey suite). Which I find very plausible because the slow chords that make a lot of the theme just doesn't sound like Jablonsky at all to me.

Michael Baker2019-05-06 04:43:33
Lorne doing Journey Suite is legit, not just speculation. :)

superultramegaa2019-05-06 21:32:28
Well, in that case I can add quite a few new credits to my collection!

Chase reply Replies: 0 || 2019-05-01 19:29:26

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2018-11-30 19:08:57
What are some more tracks like Bumblebee from other scores, that kind of have that "wall of synth" sound to them and are just pretty uplifting?

GALAZY reply Replies: 7 || 2018-05-30 12:54:44
From the real 24 bits sound of Hans Zimmer works, it is kind auditory entertainment from my SONY WH 900 headphone which sound like in Dolby system that I know it is more than 156 bits of sound..........Wowwww Wuuuuuuuuuuu ...........
Here is the world of myself in this terrific musics without any vocal in the music. Cool.................STF immerse in the world of REAL SOUND AND MUSIC.........

SPENSER2018-05-30 13:22:17
you on drugs?

Hybrid Soldier2018-05-30 18:54:55
It seems they do have good drugs in Taiwan... :o

Anonymous2018-05-30 18:56:35
Taiwan?! are u able to locate the IP address?

lol2018-05-30 23:11:35
Yeah I'm sure he looks at IPs to see who is impersonating who

Hybrid Soldier2018-05-31 00:12:09
Exactly ! :o

Powellfan2018-05-31 04:40:26
Wouldn't you be violating some sort of privacy law or something if you actually publicize where he's from?

lol2018-05-31 08:06:35
not in Taiwan

Galazy reply Replies: 1 || 2018-05-30 13:52:52
I forgot the other music composer-Steve Jablonsky that his style of music with Hans Zimmer. Still again it is kind manipulate our hearing if anyone of you really like the sea of different auditory stimulus in different experiment with different sound effects. This is it. I am really into the AUDITORY WORLD.

Jesus2018-05-30 14:48:17

SPECTER reply Replies: 5 || 2017-06-25 07:01:28
one more question. Who wrote the Bumblebee theme?

Zorro2017-06-25 14:40:41
Hans Zimmer (cf. Rush main theme)

Alexander 2017-06-25 15:10:57
Really ? Bumblebee is from Hans ?!?

MrZimmerFan2017-06-25 15:25:29
Nop, Hans took the idea from All Spark


SPECTER2017-06-25 16:38:30
Why is Hans uncredited? I'll take it that Bumblebee/AllSpark are Steve's themes then.

James2017-06-25 19:54:16
No, what @MrZimmerFan meant is Hans took the idea of Jablosky and not that he developed it. Ramin was also inspired on this piece for another one of Game of Thrones.

thejok3rrules reply Replies: 42 || 2014-06-03 02:03:00
Hybrid, what do we know so far about the TRANSFORMERS 4 score yet?

thejok3rrules2014-06-05 03:40:29
Well, thank you people for totally ignoring my question.

Everan2014-06-05 07:01:09
Besides the song Battle Ccry being released, there are really no news at all, which they should be becuase we are 22 days sawy from the premiere, in the US anyway.

I remember the third film's score was like this too, it took a long while to get out and all.

thejok3rrules2014-06-05 15:07:49
Since our dear friend Hybrid seems to know everything, I thought he could perhaps tell me something I don't know. Nonetheless, thank you, Everan.

Adam2014-06-05 18:21:10
Well the score was released on iTunes the day the film opened (June 29th), it just never had a physical release, and STILL doesn't, to this day. I too am beginning to get a little concerned regarding this. Hybrid, any word? Please let us know

Everan2014-06-05 18:40:41
Actually, Adam, I heard that in hte Transformers Ride thing, they do have CD's of the Dark of the Moon score. Can't make sure because I'm in a completely different country, lol.

Do hope the score is released a few days before the US premiere, it'll make the 2 weeks of wating to see the film less stressful because it got delayed 2 weeks where I live. Thank you World Cup.

Adam2014-06-05 19:21:52
Oh, really? That's pretty awesome. But while I do live in the US, I'm hundreds of miles away from the Transformers ride.

Sorry to hear it got delayed where you are. If it got delayed here in the states, I'd riot. Just 22 more days!! Now if we can just get an ETA on the score release, that'd be great. There's not even any word of the OST, either. All I know is lousy Imagine Dragons and that Skrillex is contributing to the sound design. Now THAT could be interesting.

Edmund Meinerts2014-06-05 19:24:47
Skrillex? Oh joy... :/

Everan2014-06-05 20:00:02
It's just sound design for the Dinobots, nothing to do with Jablonsky's score.
Also, Battle Cry will be featured in the score in key parts of the film, the official Imagine Dragons announcement said that. So you can expect the great percussions of the songs around the score.

Anonymous2014-06-06 05:24:25
Hybrid, what say you :)

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-06 13:11:51
I say nothing, there's nothing to say... Wait & see... I have no more news so far...

Ds2014-06-06 14:01:44
I think Jablonsky isn't fond of advertising, so his scores are always a bit secretive. Or maybe it has something to do with Bay, who also seems a little protective and not keen on spilling secrets.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-06 14:09:23
Historically Bay's score are a HUGE MESS, so it's always difficult or last minute planning... Doesn't help...

Ds2014-06-06 15:35:02
It's funny because they may be huge mess, but always end up being very good!

Everan2014-06-06 15:45:12
Indeed, they are alwayas great.

Funny, I don't remember seeing these issues with other Jablonsky/Bay scores, other than the first and last Transformers. I remember having Revenge of the Fallen and Pain & Gain being released with no drama.

I do remember that the Dark of the Moon took a while because of trying not to reveal spoilers in the tracklist, and Bay was too secretive about them so the score took a while to be released. That was an exciting day, seeing tracklist and cover the very day it was getting released in Australia and everyone going crazy.

Adam2014-06-07 17:16:34
Hybrid, why are Bay's scores always a HUGE mess? I know things got very heated between him and HGW for Armageddon (and why none of his material made it to the OST), but what goes on that causes a mess?

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-07 18:07:05
Well it's Bay ! And if he doesn't like, he DOESN'T LIKE... It's nothing personal (or Jablonsky wouldn't have survived so many films with him), but like Ridley Scott or Greengrass (the world champion), he's not easy to please...

I guess only the first Bad Boys and Pain & Gain went relatively well "on schedule"...

But The Rock was the first, NGS almost "fired", HZ saving the day with a lot of people (HGW, Harper, Stern, Russ Landau...).

Armageddon, Rabin was quite a newbie and definitely not up to the task of facing "the Bay" alone, with a huge back up from Media Ventures : Paul Linford, Trevor's guy, & Don Harper, HGW, Jablonsky, Van Tongeren, HZ, even Alex Wurman...) and 3 tons of rewritings... Dave Metzger, who was orchestrator on the movie, once told me he was orchestrating cues from his hotel room, and some were being recorded without even Bay/Jerry B.'s approval... lol

Pearl Harbor, well other than Hans' total uninterest for the project, was also a feast of constant rewritings and an army of writers, more or less credited. Some Extreme Music "Directors Cuts" CD is full of Pearl Harbor's rejected cues by Zanelli, Jablonsky, Badelt, Levine...

Bad Boys II... Well what to say... Clash between Bay & Mancina (though some of his work remained in the score), replaced by his friend Rabin, a name hiding an armada of composers : Dr. Dre & Mike Helizondo for the "rap" part of the score, + Steve Jablonsky, HGW, Trevor Morris, Clay Duncan, Mel Wesson, Tim Heintz, Paul Linford, Heitor Pereira, Toby Chu & Mancina's leftovers... The score makes no sense at all, which actually makes it cool to listen to ! haha

The Jablonsky/Bay ones haven't been really easy either, for various reasons, with Hans helping again from time to time. For instance TF3 had that big "Mind Heist" temptrack issue... A few composers who worked on it told me how much they hated the whole thing, it even made the Gire/Sponsler duo drop scoring films since then, focusing on their Brand X Production Music...

Edmund Meinerts2014-06-07 18:10:26
Seems like The Island is another one that went relatively of the few. :p

Ds2014-06-07 18:51:32
Hybrid, if Hans was totally uninterested in Pearl Harbor, why did he accept to do it?

By the way, I find a little ironic that Pearl Harbor is still one of HZ's most widely popular scores.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-07 19:04:01
Well he probably was interested for 10 minutes, doing a theme... But after that... lol

Hans has never seen a Michael Bay film in full... Not any single one of them (even if he worked on most of them lol)... It doesn't prevent it from working with him all the time...

Lambegue2014-06-07 20:15:10
I understand Zimmer. I myself never see one of his movie without being bored to death.

Ds2014-06-07 20:45:21
Couldn't disagree more with him. I love Michael Bay. I really do. He's just unbeatable when it comes to OTT crazy action sequences. And he's got wonderful musical tastes.

NM2014-06-07 23:25:36
Bay seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Can't recall any watchable film in the last ten years he's been involved with.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-07 23:27:47
Oh I can... Basically everyone of them ? :)

Can't wait for TF4... :P

Edmund Meinerts2014-06-08 01:10:49
As far as I'm concerned, the only even halfway watchable movie Bay has ever made is The Rock. Both Transformers sequels were dreadful. But I don't have a problem with him; I don't have to go see his movies, after all, and the scores for his movies are usually enjoyable (Pain and Gain excepted).

Everan2014-06-08 02:46:16
Well, that's your opinion Edmund. Which is totally and completely fine, we don't have the same tastes and all. Just express your opinion as an opinion and not a fact.

His films are simple entertainment. Nothing Oscar-worthy outside of the technical field. There's nothing wrong with likng his film because they are fantastic action films. Even Christopher Nolan and Neill Blomkamp love them for the way they're filmed and the technology used. They're not masterpieces in storytelling, no denying that,m but they're damn good for action, technology advances in film, and having great, out-of-this-world, brilliant times.

Everan2014-06-08 02:49:06
And may I add, the score for Pain And Gain was something very strange to me. I don't like that sort of scores, less miminalistic scores. Some tracks sure, but not entire scores.

However, there was something I still can't put my finger on from the P&G score that I just clicked on and loved it. Not sure if the sound, the rythm, I just did.
It's very strange.

RealFfingMusic2014-06-08 02:49:28
Agreed about The Rock

But Transformers and the first half of The Island was quite good. And Bad Boys, although meaningless, was quite enjoyable (provided you're not too grumpy.

Ds2014-06-08 09:15:36
Everan, you sum it up perfectly. We love Bay for what he does, not for what he does not. He doesn't give a shit for character development or screenplay (let's not forget he's not a screenwriter), and that's perfectly fine. You know exactly what you're in for: large-scale action. A you get plenty of it, and awesomely well made.

Me too, can't wait for TF4. And I loved the Pain & Gain score, it was just the kind of score this movie needed, Jablonsky did a damn fine job.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-08 09:27:06
Well as for character development, Pain & Gain was a huge improvement... ;)

The thing is Bay can make anything credible with his directing... Honestly back 9 years ago when they announced they would do a "Transformers" live action movie, my only reaction was "WTF !" and... he did it ! He made a now 4 movies saga about giant talking alien robots fighting in our streets ! LOL

I love P&G's score, Run Him Over is probably one of my most played tracks of 2013... That's funny I consider Bay (& Jerry B.) to be more responsible for the big Zimmer/MV action sound more than HZ himself...

I think Hans keeps working for Bay for 2 reasons : he can have fun when everyone else wants him to be drop dead serious ; if Bay thinks his music is shit, he tells him his music is shit, Zimmer or not, and start over... And HZ has a deep fear directors/producers don't date telling him he's going the wrong way... And Jablonsky learnt not to take horrible reviews of his work by Bay something personal, and just keeps trying to survive the day... :)

NM2014-06-08 11:42:18
"Well, that's your opinion Edmund. Which is totally and completely fine, we don't have the same tastes and all. Just express your opinion as an opinion and not a fact."

Of *course* it's his opinion.

This is a little bugbear of mine. It's a very dismissive thing to say. When someone says "The film is great", "the film sucks", the "in my opinion" clause is generally implied. I don't see any particular need to suffix every opinion you hold with "in my opinion". He even said "As far as I'm concerned"! Sorry for the mini-rant but the "in YOUR opinion" epithet should be outlawed.

"They're not masterpieces in storytelling, no denying that, but they're damn good for action, technology advances in film, and having great, out-of-this-world, brilliant times."

In your opinion. (See how pointless that is!).

I think they're boring. Action with no consequence just doesn't interest me. I go the cinema to see films not videogame cutscenes.

There's no doubt some of the technical work and technology that goes into the films is incredible. If only that could be combined with an actual script that isn't saturated in casual sexism, proper likeable characters, and a less nauseating visual style. Making simple entertainment doesn't mean having to sacrifice those things.

Ds2014-06-08 13:13:00
Well, NM, I think Bay's visual style is simply gorgeous and I could watch every scene of every one of his movies in repeat mode, just admiring the cinematography and the editing.

Adam2014-06-08 18:36:34
Wow, interesting stuff Hybrid. Who knew? I guess since Jablonsky is now Bay's longest running composer (with Age of Extinction being his 5th collaboration with Bay), he (almost) has a handle on things? I know HZ came in for a few minor things on RoTF, and the usual suspects contributed to The Island, TF1, RoTF, DotM, F13 and everything else, but it doesn't sound like things got too too bad. It's kinda nice to know how picky and particular Bay is about the scores for his films. He sounds like my kind of picky :)

@Ds, I love Bay as well. His movies are just pure entertainment for me and "over the top" may be a bit of an understatement haha. I also love his style of filming, I always know when I'm watching a Bay film.

@Everan, I completely agree. As I was saying to Ds, I absolutely love Bay and his films. Look, are they the best film ever made? Absolutely not. Oscar worthy (outside of the technical field, which all 3 Transformers films have been nominated for and the Academy refuses to award)? No way. Great scripts? Not really. Character development? Not so much. But they're just big, loud, dukb, fun entertainment. And that's what I enjoy. I'm not looking for the next Inception when it comes to Bay, I know he'll blow my mind - he always does. I guess if I had anything negative to say, it would be the awful humor in the Transformers trilogy (he swears there's none of that in AoE, but he always says stuff to throw people off, so I definitely have my doubts), and the heavily saturated look of the films. As as if they've been soaked in bronzer lol.

One more thing Hybrid: I remember back when DotM came out, you went on a little mini rant about how it ended and it was awful. I agree it was a lousy ending, but seeing you comment about hoe much you love the films, do you still feel that way about it? Just curious if your view has changed on it, that's all.

And as soon as you get word on the AoE score, PLEASE let us know. "Help us, Hybrid Soldier. You're our only hope" ;)

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-08 18:49:04
Yes exactly, I still find the ending of TF3 to be terrible & rushed... It was not a way to end a 3 films saga... I'm glad there's a new film to correct that... :P

Adam2014-06-08 19:18:20
Hah, you know it's funny - before I hit "submit", I was thinking to myself ("I'll bet he's happy there's a 4th film and 3 can kinda be forgotten about"). I'm happy as well, and glad to know that that's not how the story ends and that there's more to come. It was like the end of Indiana Jones 4. Just lousy and a horrible way to end something

Everan2014-06-08 21:35:15
TF3 can't be forgotten because TF4 is a direct sequel. Sure, about 3 years after, but the whole Chicago destruction is the reason humans want the Transformers dead. Sorry, it can't be forgotten.

I did feel rushed the ending of TF3, but after an almost full hour of action, I did not complain. And with TF4, there's no reason to hate it since we get a full 2:34 action film with Dinobots and new villain bots and who knows what else there is.

Anonymous2014-06-09 07:07:44
"And HZ has a deep fear directors/producers don't date telling him he's going the wrong way"

Is there a typo in here?

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-09 07:11:24

"dare" ?

Happy sir ? :P

RealFfingMusic2014-06-09 11:21:44
Is there anyone else who thinks dinobots are stupid?

(Seriously, what did they scan?)

Everan2014-06-09 15:03:40
From what I read, still not a hundred percent sure though, the Dinobots left Cybertron and arrived to Earth, as usual and scanned and studied dinosaurs and disguised as them so they wouldn't be found, then the dino extinction came and they remained dormant under the earth until whatever happens in the film and awaken.

Again, not 100% sure as if that's what happens, the film's intro will surely explain that, kinda like the Moon landing intro from TF3.

And actually, I did find them a bit dumb for the films, that's until I saw Grimlock and the rest in action, with their film designs and all. Now I really can't wait to see them killing and butchering bots.

Adam2014-06-09 19:52:06

I didn't mean forgotten. I just meant the ending. It was horrible, an awful way to end a trilogy. TDKR - THAT is how you wrap up a trilogy. Not the way DotM did. I'm a die-hard Transformers fan, but let's be honest: there are so many errors in the trilogy that it's not even funny. I just try to let it go and not bother me, though

Everan2014-06-09 23:21:36
I wouldn't go that far. Sure, it was a short ending but I always knew it wasn't the end of the TF films, so it wasn't a problem to me

Bayhem2017-06-08 11:43:34
Hmm, I'm surprised to learn about Zimmer's "total uninterest" for Pearl Harbor. Not only it's one of his most popular scores, but let's not forget that he was nominated for a Golden Globe for that movie. So, interested or not, he created something really good and memorable. Besides, both Bay and Zimmer are not only frequent collaborators, but good friends as well. One example of that: the Ice Bucket Challenge. Remember that? Friends "challenging" friends. P.S. I agree with Hybrid Soldier: I also think that Bay, Bruckheimer (and Tony Scott) are responsible for the big MV/RC action sound, more so than Zimmer and his crew. It makes sense, they were the ones pushing for that kind of sound.

Ds reply Replies: 2 || 2014-06-08 13:22:14
I saw on Jablonsky's facebook a sheet with the name "6mDino1 v1.21" on it. I can't believe this got me ridiculously excited :-)

Everan2014-06-08 18:25:04
Cool! What's the name of Steve's FB page though? I have found community pages only, not his official one.

Everan2014-06-08 18:27:35
Never midn, found it! Something tells me that's the Dinobot's theme, or when Prime finally rides Grimlock in the film.

Geofcraze634 reply Replies: 0 || 2013-12-25 06:59:11
His score is my favorite. I love the theme of Autobots and many more.. I do really love the work of his score! :3

Phil reply Replies: 0 || 2013-11-18 22:25:59
i see...

Phil reply Replies: 5 || 2013-10-26 12:03:09
can anyone tell me why Hans Zimmer is mentioned here for score producer and additional music?

look at notable mentions

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-26 13:23:44
Do you know that reading Wikipedia will mostly damage your brain ?

The guy even mentioned HZ as producer for TF3. All this is not true...

Areozz2013-10-26 14:38:34
God damn, if there's one thing that people really need to start accepting, it's that Wikipedia actually is a reliable source. There may be some inaccuracies or false information depending on the magnitude of the article...But the fact of the matter is: Wikipedia has been around for over a decade now. And it has become essentially what it was aiming to be: an online encyclopedia that contains all the world's knowledge. What do you know, Hybrid Soldier?

Ds2013-10-26 14:53:29
You're right Aerozz, but the "additional composers" or "producers" of a movie's score is something that very few people know (and are interested in, actually). So for that kind of very specific information, Wikipedia is absolutely NOT reliable.

Areozz2013-10-26 15:32:04
Fair enough.

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-26 16:37:31
It's just before I got in charge of in 2008 I used to handle all the RCP wiki pages myself (mainly the French ones though), so I know how it works and what it's like. And generally when I come back to see what it has become, I'm horrified by some things I see.

Pages there are not indeed as bad as I make them look in my previous post... But people there generally correct all the known things and what can be checked. As Ds says, in the score world, the public knows like, what, 30% of the actual thing ? So who's gonna be on Wikipedia to correct them if someone says HZ wrote this or that on this or that score... Anyway, to get back on topic, that specific information we're discussing here is incorrect. That's all... :D

matthew reply Replies: 0 || 2013-05-03 16:05:29
this is ridiculous...
first the official release, then
we had extended / expanded / almost Complete / the full complete score / music from recording sessions / the complete recording sessions with alternate, unused, unreleased, uncomposed, unexisting tracks but simply the film version of the decepticon's theme is still not available
(frenzy hacks air force one)

Mr. Fate reply Replies: 15 || 2011-10-29 15:51:34
I wonder if anyone could provide the information for what other composers worked on this score. I'm curious to see if any one of them might have posted some music that has yet to be found on any of the million expanded bootlegs out there.

...And if not a total list of credits, at least some kind of list of the other composers who wrote for this score.

Alex2011-10-30 00:52:42
Main Themes/Music Composed by: STEVE K JABLONKSY

Additional Music:


Agntdman2011-10-30 11:41:43
Alex, I think he meant who composed what, exactly. We can see the credits listed above. But we can't see who wrote each theme/cue

Mr. Fate2011-10-30 14:29:08
Ah, yes, thanks for clarifying that a bit. I see now Alex was just being a smart ass. Yeah, Hybrid Soldier can usually provide the credits to all the tracks and since this has been out for a while, it seems like an okay thing to do.

Really, I was curious to know if there were a whole bunch of unlisted composers like there are for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I'm not even sure this site lists every single composer who wrote additional music for Pirates.

I'm sure I won't ever find anything as I think we aren't going to get any more Transformers music than what we've acquired thus far. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see to the credits listed for this movie.

Papapalpatine772011-10-31 01:08:11
People have asked repeatedly (I think I have once or twice) to get the credits for this. Is it so unreasonable to request it? I mean, there are scores on here that are really not high-priority and yt the credits for said scores are listed. This is one of my favorite film scores of all time, I would like the credits please. Too much to ask?

Agntdman2011-10-31 01:35:45
Yes, Papapalpatine. I agree with you 100%. I would like the credits for this score. AS WELL AS Revenge of the Fallen & Dark of the Moon!!!!!!

Mr. Fate2011-10-31 02:31:23
Woah...woah. Let's not get too demanding there, Agntdman. From what I've seen in the past, they'll only list the credits for stuff that's been out for a long time. Hybrid JUST RECENTLY posted the credits for the first Pirates of the Caribbean, and that's bee out for over 8 years!

*It is nice to know that Scorponok was co-written with Trevor Morris, though. :p

Anonymous2011-10-31 04:59:08
Mmmm Trevor Morris, oooooooh yeaaaah.

Uck. Fan-wankery in the extreme, D.

Agntdman2011-10-31 05:27:53
Sherlock Holmes, On Stranger Tides, The Dark Knight (no on it's official page, but someone posted it) WWII in HD and At world's End are just some of the few which are under 8 years old and have credits. I wouldn't even call these movies old yet.

Hybrid Soldier2011-10-31 08:16:38
It's simple : there's no details anywhere to find who did what... :S

Mr. Fate2011-10-31 13:23:59
Ah...Well, thank you Hybrid. I suppose that answer will have to do.

Agntdman2011-11-01 06:16:38
Ok, about Revenge of the Fallen? Or....Dark of the Moon? No? Let me guess, credits don't exist for those either, hmm?

Bondo2011-11-01 10:21:19
You guys need to do some of the legwork and check ASCAP and composer interviews. That's where most of this info comes from.

Hybrid Soldier2011-11-01 11:28:35
Every single credit is known for TF2.

TF3, it's just too soon !

Mr. Fate2011-11-01 14:46:31
@Bondo: yeah, sure we could, but we don't have the authority or ability to edit the pages on this website--people like Hybrid do. I don't want to have to keep a page bookmarked just to look up who composed what or a Word document dedicated to the subject, or for that matter, spend hours searching that site just to find the info.

Ah, first world problems. It's really not that big of a deal; like I said, I was just curious.

Agntdman2011-11-02 00:03:44
Ok, Hybrid. you say every single credit is known for RotF. Here it is:

1.) Prime (2:14)
2.) Einstein's Wrong (3:35)
3.) Nest (2:08) *
4.) The Shard (2:42)
5.) The Fallen (4:03)
6.) Infinite White (3:58)
7.) Heed Our Warning (4:26)
8.) The Fallen's Arrival (3:47)
9.) Tomb Of The Primes (2:47)
10.) Forest Battle (2:04)
11.) Precious Cargo (1:38)
12.) Matrix Of Leadership (3:50)
13.) I Claim Your Sun (3:06)
14.) I Rise, You Fall (3:35)

*Based on the song "New Divide" written & performed by Linkin Park

It then states up top that Zimmer & Balfe did additional music. So......where the hell are all the credits, I say?

Dakota reply Replies: 1 || 2011-02-02 00:00:00

You said you only add scores that are legit. So....we have this official release, the expanded release, and there's that infamous 72-track (73 if you count 'Road Reunion') so-called "complete" score. So is it real? It has a couple of unused and alt. tracks, the entire thing is in film order, and the length of it is longer than the film itself. And any possibility of adding who did which track? Thanks.

Macdawson2011-10-15 16:35:42
At this point, my track count is at 76 (not counting 2 tracks from the trailers wich belong to other groups). The 72 Track ediition has all that had been previously released plus some Demos and Alternate tracks, some unused in the film. Recently i got the tracks that are in the WarmButterDesign DVD, most already in the 72tk Edition, except 4.
One, titled "DEFCON Delta" appears in the movie when the SecDef is talking on TV, there's a trailer track wich mimics the 2 i mentioned but seems to be made by Jablonsky, and one titled "Unused Cue". The 4th is the bit that starts the "Arrival to Earth (Original Version)" track on the 72tk but is a bit smaller than that. If it was just that i wouldn't call it new but the mix is different.

SCore reply Replies: 1 || 2010-07-15 00:00:00
But as far as i can recall there are only 3 different scores
the official one (with 20 tracks)
The expanded score (with 52 tracks)
the expanded 2 cd score (with 72 tracks)
and one with 13 tracks wich exists out of tracks from the previous scores i named.

And abseloutely none of them has the que of when sam speaks to bumblebee for the first time as far as i know. or does anyone know if i overlooked anything? this track i want it soo much.

Macdawson2011-10-15 16:19:36
The track is "Optimus". In the movie it's missing, or if we go the other way around, in the CD they added, a flute "layer" to the track. Unless some bigger recording sessions Edition exists out there with aa fluteless version, the only way to have it is if anyone with the skill for it can remove the flute from that track. I tried ripping the movie 5.1ch track but in both places where they use it, the SFX are too intrusive.

Anonymous reply Replies: 3 || 2011-10-05 05:55:05

A stirring collection of Steve Jablonsky’s epic themes from one of the most successful recent franchises

Steve Jablonsky’s long association with Transformers director Michael Bay began in the 1990s, creating additional music for Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Bad Boys II, and forming a close link with prolific composer Hans Zimmer. His career spans film, TV and video games and includes the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror and Friday The 13th.

Performed by the London Music Works.

1. Transformers - Autobots
2. Transformers - The All Spark
3. Transformers - Optimus
4. Transformers - Bumblebee
5. Transformers - Arrival To Earth
6. Transformers - Optimus Vs. Megatron
7. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Nest
8. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Infinite White
9. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Tomb Of The Primes
10. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Forest Battle
11. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Matrix Of Leadership
12. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Prime/I Rise, You Fall
13. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon: Dark Side Of The Moon
14. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Sentinel Prime
15. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - It’s Our Fight
16. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Our Final Hope

* The digital release comes with an exclusive 17th digital only track and a downloadable booklet:

17. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Prelude (Trailer Music)

US Release Date: October 11, 2011

Digital Album: SILED1365
US Release date: August 16, 2011

Mr. Fate2011-10-05 14:05:14
Is this a thing? I mean does anyone really have this? It says the digital album's release date was close to two months ago, yet I've never seen any news, announcements, or download links for it.

It's not like it's music that I really need now that I know about it; I'm just wondering.

theeaglesfan0052011-10-05 15:27:41

Macdawson2011-10-15 16:12:14
@ Mr. Fate

It's real. But if you're expecting any new material, don't. These are basically "covers" from material that has already been released. They are very nice but nothing new. And the originals are better. :)

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 4 || 2011-02-02 00:00:00
For Transformers, it's easy, there are 3 different sources :

The OST,

The 52 tracks "promo" which "came out" BEFORE the OST (which was also splitted in some very short "promo" also listed here)

The isolated DVD score by WarmButterDesign (for the Theme Suites).

Basically, the 72 tracks one is a mix of all three sources, done by a friend (the one who leaked the Theme Suites actually). So we can consider it "legit" yeah...

There are also stuff I consider being fakes with the "Qatar (Alt)" stuff or "Road Reunion" just a speed up version of Scorponok...

Maybe yeah I should add here some "ultimate expanded version" here...

As for who did what, apart from Scorponok being Jablonsky / Morris, and that Lorne has done a LOT in that score, I don't know much, it's quite undocumented (while TF2 is really detailed)...

HZLeaks2011-05-06 03:15:35
What is this isolated DVD score??

Dakota2011-05-11 03:48:57

So then would you consider the 72-track: "expanded", "complete", or "recording sessions"? And how come you find the alternate tracks to be fakes? Sure, Road Reunion may sound like a sped-up version of Scorponok, but is it really? There are dozens of soundtracks out there that have sped-up and slowed-down versions of different cues. Just wondering...

Takehiro2011-06-30 08:28:47
I second that, where is Qatar from, why is it fake?

Macdawson2011-10-15 16:08:01
@ Hybrid Soldier

Can you share some of that info about TF2? :)
As for the 72 track version being a mix of the other 3, isn't there material in it that doesn't show anywhere else? Sure, it's demos and alt versions but a couple of them aren't in the WBD DVD.

As for the question of wether or not "Road Reunion" is a sped up version of Scorponok, i stick with the side that says it is, just because you can make that track by speeding up Scorponok. The definitive answer can only come from either Jablonsky or people involved in the movies production. The same can be said for wether or not the cue we hear when the Autobots are racing down the freeway, just before Sam spots Barricade, is a sped up version of Optimus Sword.

As for Qatar, the one released in the "All Spark Edition", i believe, is from Jablonsky, from the score from "Live from Baghdad" and, at least to my ears, is not what is eard in the movie wich, to me, always sounded a bit like The Transformers Theme. And it's so small i neglect it.

Caiden reply Replies: 0 || 2011-07-25 04:41:09
Well macadiama nuts, how about that.

Poe reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-30 02:31:48
Is there a way to sort of split this CD up into some kind of film order even though I know the music is not mixed like it is in the movie

Adrian reply Replies: 4 || 2011-06-28 09:20:33
Why did the price from this score went from 16,99 yesterday to 7,99 today on iTunes? Same applies to RotF, went from 11,99 to 7,99...
Funny if someone bought one of the two yesterday :P
But this shows: 'something' is coming!

zach2011-06-28 17:45:10
exactly... they always do that dont they when a new release from an artist comes out. :)

Adrian2011-06-28 17:56:31
Indeed, that's what I'm saying :D

Dakota2011-06-29 09:07:43
Up until the other day, I cannot believe this score is STILL $16.99 after nearly 4 years. That's ridiculously expensive.

Anonymous2011-06-29 16:26:08
You can get a 90min pressed bootleg for less than the price of this in places!

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-05-11 03:54:50
Has anyone noticed how the very beginning of Disc Wars from TRON: Legacy sounds like that cue in Transformers? You can hear it when Sam asks the cop "are you on drugs?" and then it cuts to Lennox and Epps in Qatar. I do know that Hans did add a little touch to Legacy, so maybe that's why. But what I'm talking about from Transformers isn't on any of the releases (promo, expanded, complete), it's only in the film.

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-03 00:00:00
Alright, so what you're saying is you'll add the 72 track version?

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-02 00:00:00

was Hans involved with transformers at all?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-02 00:00:00
As Lorne was one it (, yeah, HZ had an eye on it... Doesn't mean he wrote anything, but he surely was checking in ! :P

SCore reply Replies: 0 || 2010-07-16 00:00:00
Hale: i know.
I think that'st the reason the version i am looking for is nowhere to find

Hale reply Replies: 0 || 2010-07-16 00:00:00
To Score :

The track you named is a version of "Optimus Prime" where instruments have been retired.

matthew reply Replies: 0 || 2010-07-14 00:00:00
I have the complete score, the expanded score, the original score, the arrenged records, the real complete score (with 72 track) and I have to say there is still unreleased music from the first movie. for example the air force one scene. in that scene you can hear the whole decepticons theme but you can't find it anywhere. I'm searching it since 2007 July...

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