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@hybrid Is the single with sia going to be released?J<br><br>It is on iTunes already.How have you guys heard the album already? :0Jasha is not at Bleeding Fingers anymore, and Dave is busy working with Hans... :)Did Jacob Shea have to do everything himself on this one?What happened to Jasha Klebe and David Fleming who was working with him on Planet Earth and Blue Planet?
That amazing tune that featured Sia from the 4-minute trailer doesn't seem to be a part of this album, is it? Will that ever be made available?Hi there, I believe the border post track and expanded version was just a fanmade project I put together years ago, I'm working on a new fanmade project which is 100 percent original and inspired by Hans Zimmer's music from the 90's.<br>I'll post a link as soon as I finish mastering it. I might have to create a youtube account so I can upload itCan't wait to hear this. I am huge fan of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II.Is nobody going to talk about this amazing soundtrack???I know Im 10 years late, but god wish this got complete recordings release, so much music is missing...
The track in the video I linked sounds decent. Works well for the scene.Back in 2003/2004 some guy made his own fan-made "expanded score". <br>Some tracks were actually OST tracks looped, with some drums added in the mix, some were from an unknown source. I only remember some badly-mixed synth cues that sounded like home-made, experimental material.would love to help out, but the video/track is blocked :/Think about Gemini Man, the score come out the same day as the movie (in that case, 11th October), and the details come the same week.<br><br>We'll likely get final details towards the end of the week or early next week. I guess I'm just a little surprised that it's taken this long. The movie had surprise screenings either yesterday or the day before, so it seems like everything's pretty final.
Sorry, that is the wrong link above (film version)<br><br>This is the track I'm talking about. Does anyone recognize this version.<br><br> is an expanded score album with the track called "Sniper/Border Post". It is different from the piece used in the film. Does anyone know the true identity of that track. I like the synth sound and the male vocal singing/wailing/crying in this cue.<br><br> the scores comes out in 1th NovemberThe movie is out this Wednesday in some territories."In the third one he writes the "father and son" theme, it's okay but it's harmonically basic and the melody is UNMEMORABLE"<br><br><br>Aaaaaaaaaaaaand your whole analysis falls flat right there ! :P

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Hans Zimmer
Critic's Choice
Label: Atlantic Records
Length: 150:24 rating:        3/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (4070 votes)
CD 1

  1. Critic Choice Theme (3'31) (DM Franck)
  2. Titanic Suite (13'52) (J. Horner)
  3. Basic Instinct (7'27) (J. Goldsmith)
  4. Maverick Suite (8'20) (R. Newman)
  5. The Firm (8'17) (Dave Grusin)
  6. Ed Wood (5'16) (H. Shore)
  7. Shakespeare In Love Suite (7'16) (S. Warbeck)
  8. The Nightmare before Christmas Orchestral Suite (7'24) (D. Elfman)
  9. The Mask Of Zorro Suite (7'14) (J. Horner)
  10. Saving Private Ryan (6'24) (J. Williams)

CD 2

  1. 1. First Knight Orchestral Suite (12'22) (J. Goldsmith)
  2. Fast Cheap & Out Of Control (4'11) (Caleb Sampson)
  3. As Good as It Gets (3'12) (H. Zimmer)
  4. The English Patient (4'25) (G. Yared)
  5. American Beauty (7'30) (T. Newman)
  6. Braveheart (8'56) (J. Horner)
  7. Life Is Beautiful (4'05) (N. Piovani)
  8. The Rainmaker (6'26) (E. Bernstein)
  9. The Lion King Orchestral Suite (9') (H. Zimmer)
  10. Shindler's List (15'08) (J. Williams)
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Critic's Choice soundtrack - Hans Zimmer 1997