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salazar's theme guys : ymusicJust read that on film music reporter . Lorne has to be the most in demand composer at the moment . Amazing how busy he is and really enjoying his score to GeniusThat's not surprising to hear, this series really has become one big cash grab (moreso than it already was)<br><br>I'm really excited to hear the full score on album when it drops, Geoff is enormously talented. Judging by the suite alone there really aren't any new moments that pop out to me or scream <br>memorable. Even On Stranger Tides managed to fit in some pretty solid new ideas, and a decent album presentation outside of the remixes.<br><br>Also, is it just me or is the recording a bit flat?Does ol Hector Barbossa get his own theme or do they use Becketts again?Well I saw the film today as well and I can't express how disappointed I was by it... Such a mess, with a bunch of horrible things and some good ones halas buried in the rest...<br><br>As for the score, it flows better on CD, but Geoff did really good, much better than the 4th.
The Suite sounds great and the music from the instagram video the director Joachim Ronning posted is at around the 0:25 second mark I think but Geoff Zanelli did great with this.Eh, I'm not really like Blackbeard's - I mean Salazar's theme. It sounds like a temped mix of the Blackbeard theme and Ramin's Kaiju theme from Pacific Rim.<br><br>The rest sounds pretty good, especially the references to "Marry Me"<br><br>Hybrid, what are your impressions of the full thing?Lorne Balfe attached to score Horse Soldiers. <br><br>They guy is everywhere.Then again, I assume 9:40 is the new adventure theme?<br><br>Also, 9:40 is the best part of the suite. Can't get enough of it.Thanks, Hybrid. Once again, you're the man!<br><br>Anyone know what the theme at the beginning is? I assumed it was Carina's theme, but it could be the new adventure theme instead?
Is that Blackbeard's theme at 2:15? Is that a flashback or is it just a lazy reuse of themes?My man. Thank youOK here is a suite I made of it !<br><br><br>Geoff Zanelli about the new Pirates movie, the soundtrack and the character themes in the movie.Just when we thought there would be no remixes on this soundtrack. The digital release will included a bonus track with this piece of shit track:  by Dimitri Vegas en Like Mike (those guys who play music with there macbooks and usb sticks.) <br><br>Nobody asked for this track. This is going to the trash once the soundtrack is downloaded on my ipad.
I have to admit, that new adventure theme it's stuck in my head all day. Don't know how suddenly popped up into my head.There are a lot of ways to describe the Pirates scores, but "original" or "never heard something like that before", certainly not.Well... Zanelli composed Tia Dalma and the percussive Island music from the past trilogy at the least... also the spaniards theme from OST which was my favorite new theme. <br><br>in a new interview Zanelli explains that he, both directors and Zimmer sat down to decide on the new music, so Zimmer is still present... search the interview in filmmusicmg.comno Eric sorry but there is nothing noticeable in the score for Barbossa. Nothing new i mean :/Does Barbossa have a theme in Dead Men Tell No Tales?

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Composer - Songs Arranger & Producer
John Van Tongeren
Christmas Is Here Again (V)
Label: Easy To Dream
Length: 60'32 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3027 votes)


  1. Main Title Montage (3:04)
  2. Who Stole Stanta's Sack? - Andy Griffith, Daniel Roebuck, Santa's Elves (2:07)
  3. Sophianna's Snowy Adventure (1:54)
  4. Will I Ever See? - Madison Davenport (2:51)
  5. Miss Dowdy (4:01)
  6. Easy To Dream - Shirley Jones, Madison Davenport (2:31)
  7. To Find Santa (3:25)
  8. The Storyteling Song - Daniel Roebuck (1:30)
  9. Legend Of The Sack (5:29)
  10. All Because Of Me - Shirley Jones, Andy Griffith (2:04)
  11. The Underground Lair (4:47)
  12. I Stole Santa's Sack - Ed Asner, The Selves (2:56)
  13. Buster And Charlee (2:31)
  14. That Is What We Should Do - Madison Davenport, Norm Macdonald, Brad Garrett (2:18)
  15. I'm Evil - Ed Asner, The Selves (2:59)
  16. Standoff With Krad (3:15)
  17. Goodbyes (1:44)
  18. Christmas Is Here Again - Easy To Dream Children's Choir (1:12)
  19. Adoption Day (2:45)
  20. Santa's On His Way (Who Stole Santa's Sack Reprise) - Andy Griffith, Daniel Roebuck, Santa's Elves (1:12)
  21. End Titles (3:17)
  22. You Got Me Honey - Rocco Zappia, Santa's Elves (2:39)
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Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2009-11-26 00:00:00
how good is this? The clips sound like it's a completely synth score.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2009-11-13 00:00:00
This has just been released over iTunes ! 2001-2017 OST 
Christmas Is Here Again (V) soundtrack - John Van Tongeren 2007