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Yea But it isn't like they would lost Money with such a Giant Score like the TF3 one. Well I still Hope that we will get it one day :)@meta I'm feeling the same way. TF movies have always been flawed but very enjoyable for me thanks to Michael Bay's trademark. But this one... is so bad not even Michael Bay can save it. I really don't know what the screenwriters did in their "collaboration room"... but for sure they didn't collaborate a lot, because this "story" is probably the most disjointed mess I've ever seen.<br><br>The saving grace for me was the track "We Have To Go", which plays entirely without cut, that whole scene was pretty bad-ass.@Ds: Actually I prefer Ender's Game (also released by Varese Sarabande) over P&G (but the movie is cool)Pain and Gain is not a bad score, actually it's maybe better than the TF scores, in its own genre.<br><br>But it's entirely electronic so I guess there are no musicians to pay!<br><br>Also, maybe a lot of releases have the same deal as TF3 and TF4, but so few people buy them, they remain for sale forever because the maximum allowed number of sales is never reached...I must be the biggest weirdo in all of film score history, because the highlight of DMTNT for me was "I've Come With the Butcher's Bill." It resonated instrumentally, most notably that badass cello (?) at around the 2:35 mark, it was the perfect blend of old and new themes, and best of all, it sounded like a swashbuckling theme. As much as I loved the  action cues in the first three, I sometimes felt that they resembled a Latin hell choir more than a traditional pirate piece, especially AWE. It's good listening, but sometimes it sounded more like Gregorian Chanters of the Caribbean. :P <br>I seriously blast Butcher's Bill out loud on the highway, I love it so much.
one more question. Who wrote the Bumblebee theme?Does an instrumental version of BATTLE CRY exist?? 0.oAwesome Thx.which tracks are suites, cuz it seems like a bunch are...?Love Izzy!
I take it back...<br><br>Just saw the movie and the only good thing to come out of it is the score....<br><br>What the Hell Michael Bay? Who the hell is writing this crap and how the hell did you approve this story? By far the worst of the 5.....and I don't blame Jablonsky at all.There's also a little hint in "Code Red" too...Year there Are some interesting hidden thinks in this Score ! And i Hope that You Are Right and that we will get Even more Original themes in the next one. I Personally Hope that er will get a New arrival to Earth Version !Well ok but I don't See a Problem with paying the musicians cause many People would buy it especially the Third one. I mean every other Score gets released These days and many Are Not as half as good as the TF3 score is and it Looks like Even the Bad Scores like pain and gain Are paying of so for me it seems very unnatural and Strange. I guess we have to Hope that they will Release a Soundtrack Box one day like the tresure Collection from Pirates of the caribbean...Exactly! How is it possible that a major movie franchise has no consistency in their scores? To me very strange! I downloaded the scores of the old Robocop movies (except Robocop 3 is everything there) although this franchise is "dead". From a FAN point of view I would appreciate the Return of TF3 & TF4 scores.
Lea Halalela on CD “RHYTHM of the PRIDE LANDS“ from 1995;...<br>Frankfurt show was amazing, Leipzig tooHey guys! When listening to it again, I discovered that the first few notes of the Autobot theme is played near the end of History of Transformers. This score really does feel like a return to form for Jablonsky.Technically Paramount could release the 3rd and 4th scores again, but they would have to pay extra money to the musicians & orchestra, if I understand this correctly.<br><br>The EP is still on iTunes because it's only demos I think.Well it's strange because the score of TF3 is (in my opinion) with the first one the best. I didn't see the deal working cause obviously there are many people out here that would definitely buy it. And with the fourth one, well I do remember one or two weeks after the movie was released there was the full score and a few days later they changed it to the EP version. Very strange and sad especially cause it effects this beautiful score.Thanks for sharing! It is a petty that the TF3 is not distributed any more,it makes no sense to me. Hope it re-appears one day because fans want to have a complete selection of scores!<br><br>Greetings from Southampton/England

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  2007, December 31

Interview with Geoff Zanelli Part 3
by Christine Blanc

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  2007, December 12

Hans ZIMMER will be executive music producer for the next french director Mathieu KASSOVITZ's movie, Babylon A.D. He will work with the System Of A Down group's bassist, Shavo Odadjian (see picture), who is in charge of the music with composer Atli Orvarsson ; composer Clay Duncan will compose additional music and RZA will collaborate to the soundtrack.
Hans ZIMMER said the focus of this soundtrack will be to mix the sound and energy of Hip-hop music with the classical one, in order to create a kind of unexpected music...

Release date for the movie : September 2008

Also visit

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  2007, December 09

As we receive a lot of mails asking us for dedicated pictures or Cds, here's an opportunity to get one !
Composer Lorne BALFE collected some prizes for a charity auction for the Inverness Hospice in Scotland.
The list contains movie memorabilia including :

Signed by Hans ZIMMER (one item)

Signed by Harry GREGSON-WILLIAMS(one item)

Signed by Harry GREGSON-WILLIAMS(one item)

Signed by Alan MENKEN (one item)

Signed by Harry GREGSON-WILLIAMS (one item)

Signed by Steve JABLONSKY (one item)

Signed by James Newton HOWARD (one item)

Signed by Hans ZIMMER & James Newton HOWARD (one item)

College Roadtrip film Crew Jacket

Pirates Of The Carribean Crew Jacket

Signed by Hans ZIMMER & Nancy MYERS
1 soundtrack & 1 DVD


Signed By Hans ZIMMER & Gore VERBINSKI (one item)

You can check the complete list of the items HERE.

Bids can be placed by phoning Amanda Mackay on 01463 227 913 between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and anytime by E-MAIL.

** Auction will be ended on Sunday the 16th. at 11.59pm (GMT). **

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  2007, December 05
Hans Zimmer Signs With Cherry Lane Music Publishing

Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc., publishing administrator to film companies such as The Weinstein Company, DreamWorks Animation SKG, DreamWorks Pictures, Lakeshore Entertainment and Walden Media, has signed film composer Hans Zimmer to a worldwide, long-term publishing administration agreement.
The parties were brought together by Cherry Lane joint venture partner Joel Sill. The veteran music publisher, record producer and music supervisor (Easy Rider, Forrest Gump, Munich, Bobby) notes, “I have had the good fortune to know Hans as a friend and as a professional. I watch and listen in amazement as he reinvents himself for each project...

Read more on page 4 of FILMMUSICWEEKLY

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