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Agree. 2020 is rough for us.youíre right. didnít consider 85 min is actually a good length especially when looking at how short other releases are these days. in 2020 weíre very lucky to be getting it at all.Yeah, but consider most of the real good HZ albums are way shorter than 85 minutes. SO we're lucky with that one.BVS is 90 and interstellar is 1 hr 40 min :PIf 85 minutes of music is short...
Almost one and a half hours of music is short?thatís it? kinda short. being a zimmer score will there be a deluxe version with additional tracks?All I know is that the album is gonna be 17 tracks, 1h25 !nothing is known yet? In some countries it opens in mid-DecemberOne of this score's best and most underrated moments, especially in the context of the film, is the introduction of the Kraken's theme in "Row to Tia Dalma". The tense buildup while Gibbs describes the creature's horrors, then the brief pause as he names it, followed by the theme in the absolute lowest registers of the orchestra, quiet, but so so so menacing and also just SUPER FUCKING COOL.<br><br>It gives me goosebumps every time, in a *dialogue scene*. That is incredibly good musical storytelling.
Edmund: And posted their one-sentence review of it on the Hans Zimmer fan site.Anything missed from the official release?oh damn really? huh that would be cool. even with the ultimate edition thereís still deleted scenes and I wish they were put on the Blu ray.<br><br>it plays during the scene after the knightmare when Clark is looking through the polaroids that say judge jury executioner on them. i donít remember if thatís an extended scene or not as Iíve only seen the theatrical cut once in theaters. one and done lol"Chicken Run really makes you FEEL like you're in a concentration camp." - IGNI guess it comes from a deleted scene where Jesse Eisenberg gets playful with his dinner. Rumor has it it's gonna be included in the Snyder Cut.
I love the notion of Barack Obama and IGN teaming up to review 20 year old film scores.Smoothly done soundtrack. IGN - 10/10what the hell is Quaker steak and lube????I disagree on Catwoman. I love Zimmer's theme and I thought it is one of his most underrated themes.Loved the new tracks!<br><br>Hans & Chris really did something special.<br><br>I enjoyed the Tenet score, but honestly Ludwig's work doesn't compare to Zimmer's. I just hope they work together again instead of Chris choosing Ludwig as his main collaborator from now on.

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  2020, September 12  updated by Hybrid Soldier

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Question for Hybrid reply Replies: 6 || 2020-09-16 16:52:51
Hybrid, do you pretty much exclusively listen to RCP film scores, or do you have other composers you listen to... if so, who? Just curious!

Mephariel2020-09-16 17:11:40
His favorite score is Justice League from Danny Elfman so he listens to other composers. ;)

johny5552020-09-16 17:44:14
okay, lets be honest, who doesnt love JLīs score from Elfman?

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-16 18:48:23
Craig Armstrong, JNH, Horner, Poledouris, a good chunk of Williams (who doesn't ?), and Elfman obviously even if I haven't heard anything interesting from him since Alice in Wonderlands 10 years ago...

JL, I don't care much about the music itself, it's nothing particularly bad nor good either. It's just, they stole my toy, and now they're getting full force Karma for this sacrilege ! :D

MrZimmerFan2020-09-16 18:49:57
Even The Wolfman, Hybrid?

That's such a great score.

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-16 18:53:17
Actually Wolfman is good, I just haven't seen that film since I saw the director's cut like 9 years ago. I really loved Wanted too...

But stuff like Doolittle, in cinema I was like "?? Danny ???" (ok, the film didn't help lol).

MrZimmerFan2020-09-16 18:55:49
Wanted, such underrated action score

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 7 || 2020-09-12 10:28:06
Happy birthday Hans !

With a fun surprise !! :)

Anonymous2020-09-12 12:17:25
Beautiful, happy birthday Hans ,:)

mpolonest123 2020-09-12 14:22:00
LOL thatís amazing!

Happy Bday Hans! :D

MrZimmerFan2020-09-12 16:27:20
Happy Birthday, Hans&#161;

Patrak2020-09-12 20:09:33
feat. Hans Zimmer... for REAL !

Well done, really well done, and Happy Birthday Florian :-)

isildur2020-09-12 21:02:06
WOW!! Hybrid! This is so cute and awesome. Happy birthday Hans!

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-12 21:44:35
It was very cool of Hans to accept and record his voice for it ! :D

Especially in Covid time all locked up home...

NotaPix2020-09-14 20:31:55
Happy time for the future, Mr Hans Zimmer, and happy completion this year.
Too many people like to watch a movie with their eyes and forget their ears. the image impresses and amazes, but the sound soothes and cradles in silence... is wrapped around the light.
happy continuation :)© 2001-2018 OST