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The greatest thing that could happen, if Katsuhiro Otomo, who returns after very long 15 years break, reunited with Steve for his new anime «Orbital Era». I don't know the story behind the creation of «Steamboy» and how Steve get that job, but this was one of the best works of Jablosnky and my favorite. <br><br>It could be the greatest joy to hear Steve in full-orchestral mod and in anime-project like this.<br><br>I know, that all of this is a long shot and almost imposible, but you never know how things could turn.Sure thing. PM me on YouTube, I'll send you  the link :)I am still surprised that "X-SS" isn't inserted into "Gap." That is easily the best iteration of the main theme.This is seems like HBO wanting to get Djawadi and couldn't get him so they get the guy next door. <br><br>Honestly, they should have gone for Wallfisch or Harry Gregson-Williams (probably too busy with Mulan).Poor Micheal thinks Mikeal's response is simple disagreement when it contains sentences like;<br><br>"Also film music doesn’t have to sound like it’s from the 1960’s all the time." Implying that's the only music Edmund likes.<br><br>Also, poor Micheal thinks pages can't have any other discussion other than the movies on them! (Plus, considering the fact that Balfe does do projects in a short time span all the time, it's not exactly negative to point out that producers hire him for that task too much.)
Poor Edmund thinks disagreeing is having a go !thought this page was about crawl and the music by Aruj and Steffen????they did a great job and the film was fun.Been a while since one of Balfe's paid (or unpaid?) shills had a go at me. I'm almost nostalgic. :pEdmund maybe listen and watch the show first before being negative about it?Nice strawmanning there MikealTypical Edmund response!!<br>Balfe doesn’t always write the most amazing scores but when he does it’s the best.if Balfe was only “good enough” why do the world top directors want to work with him ????????<br>Also film music doesn’t have to sound like it’s from the 1960’s all the time.Balfe seems to choose projects that don’t always require big melodies all the time.
Zaras a girl and I agree with Edmund there is some sine signals and noise in the upper register that is noticeable in some cues. But that's the nature of the media it was recorded on. <br><br>You could use a spectral repair tool and non-destructive noise removal tool to fix them, such as those found in iZotope RX<br>so only you can hear it eh? Zaralyth? that you? lolWhile I'm sure the Lorne haters will be unhappy, I was very excited today to learn that Mr. Balfe is composing the score for the BBC's new "His Dark Materials" series (adaption of the same book that guided the 2007 film "The Golden Compass", composed by Desplat). I think there might actually be enough emotional material in this project to have Lorne finally write some melodies again! :)Has anyone noticed a high-pitched whining in the background of some tracks? It's particularly bad in the mid-section of "Witt in Brig/Tall and Quintard", from about 4 minutes onwards. It's such a high frequency that I bet a lot of people wouldn't hear it (including the QA team at LLL, I guess), but I can and it's really debilitating.Great work, Macejko. Do you have a lossless link for this?
Yeah it's an underwhelming choice for me. Balfe feels like the guy you get when you want "good enough", or when you need a score turned over in a really short time. Doesn't speak to much ambition on the showrunners' part when it comes to the music in this series. I'm sure it won't be bad, but I doubt it will be amazing.Heh, if it's anything like the 1994 score, then you'll be waiting a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.OST is a very horrible realise. Thanks La La Land for sharing Complete score! Score in La La Land is great!i like Rafiki theme. When Rafiki gets his old stick.We need the complete and expanded score available to us! This includes the score playing during mufasa's entrance to rescue zazu <br><br>Anyone else with me?? Hans is a legendary genius! <3

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  2013, October 29  updated by Antas
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to Be Scored by Hans Zimmer & Pharrell Williams

In an interview with Billboard, Pharrell revealed that he will be working closely with Hans Zimmer on the score for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This would not be the first time Pharrell has worked with Zimmer – the pair have worked together multiple times, including on the scores for Man of Steel and the 84th Annual Academy Awards in 2012.
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Frisbee reply Replies: 0 || 2013-11-03 16:54:19
I read that HZ is set to score the forthcoming trailer for TASM2. ComingSoonNet also reports that a trailer to TASM2 will be shown before Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. If it is the same clip then I guess we can get a glimpse of HZ's work very soon.

Ds reply Replies: 15 || 2013-10-31 22:21:16
Hans Zimmer forms Amazing Spider-Man scoring supergroup: Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger and Dave Stewart.

(full article at

Macejko2013-10-31 22:33:03
Now I'm just confused. And also a little bit curious. This is a pretty unique situation.

JackieStewart2013-10-31 22:53:25
YES! Johnny Marr, what a legend. Shame about that Pharrell guy, though...

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-31 23:30:39
What is this, a rock band? Is that what we can expect for TASM 2 now? :/

trent easton navarro2013-11-01 11:33:07
And in the end it'll probably still sound like every other Hans Zimmer score. Just as with MoS and it's drummer circle jerk, you won't hear anything interesting from these superstars.

What I still don't understand how you can go from a James Horner score to this. You'd think a director would wants some continuity.

Hybrid Soldier2013-11-01 12:20:14
Yes Trent, As Good As It Gets has a lot in common with MOS, which has a lot in common with Rush, which has a lot in common with Power of One, which has a lot in common with Broken Arrow !

The only jerk in the room is you.

And Webb wanted Zimmer as FIRST CHOICE on Spidey 1, HZ refused due to TDKR... Webb wanted HZ for 2, he got HZ...

trent easton navarro2013-11-01 12:44:42
I'm sorry Hybrid, I forgot we all have to worship the Great Lord Zimmer and not be critical. How could have I forgotten. I'll be good boy now. Zimmer is Great, Zimmer is Mighty.

But in all honesty, the only one who has been acting like a jerk is you Hybrid. Just look at your comment on the Days of Thunder thread or the one where you were pleased Edmund was pissed. You act like you're something special cause you happen to know Zimmer.

And I know Webb wanted Zimmer for the first Spidey, that wasn't my point at all. So I'll rephrase. I can't understand how one goes from wanting Zimmer to hiring Horner. Two very different composers. And the way Spidey 2 is shaping up, it'll sound very different from what Horner did.

Ds2013-11-01 12:46:05
Hybrid: what i don't get is WHY the hell Webb picked up James Horner when Hans said no. If Hans didn't want to score my picture, i would go to Zanelli or Jabonsky or Jackman or Balfe... If Zimmer's sound is what he wanted, never in the world could he expect to be even half happy with Horner.

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-01 13:12:10
@DS - THAT is why this assignment confuses me so much. If I was a director hell-bent on getting Zimmer and I couldn't, I'd go to Jablonsky. Horner is like a complete 180 from that. And apparently Webb had to try quite hard to get him too, had to talk him into it a lot, and was very pleased with the results. So why would he completely abandon his original idea, get something he ended up really liking, and then completely abandon that too? It's like he has musical ADHD or something.

Frisbee2013-11-01 13:35:48
Let's not forget who the core audience for this movie genre are. Would you think that your average teenager would choose symphonic grandiose over rock'n'roll? Them Marvel boys want to bag bankload of cash - it is not art they are trying to make.

And really, stop with all the frustration over the rock band concept too. It is just publicity. Come on, when was the last time HZ brought in soloists and put their stuff at every corner of his work? We don't think of Inception for Johnny Marr's guitar riffs. We remember it for cues like "Time" or that motif on horns in "Dream is Collapsing". Were Joshua Bell's violin solos featured in every minute of Angels & Demons? Even the drum guys at MoS would have gone completely unnoticed had there not been so much publicity about the concept of a drum orchestra.

The point is, this stuff appears to be HZ's insurance plan, something to calm the higher ups with, gain a bit of freedom and do what he wants to do. Sure it is a bit bizarre to consider a team of guitar players for a superhero project but we never know the degree to which they are involved. Maybe that is something to address the antagonist's tunes with. It is Electro so guitars aren't exactly the last instruments to consider for that.

Horner's work for the first film was terrific. Now for whatever reason he is not coming back. It is HZ now, folks. Let's wait for the final work, give it some unbiased listen, then come and explode here if we must. It is 6 months early for this.

Mike2013-11-01 16:43:09
Very interesting, Hybrid—I didn't know Webb wanted Zimmer for TASM1. But yes, as others said, why not go for Steve Jablonsky or Lorne Balfe? Horner sounds nothing like Zimmer.

MacArthur2013-11-01 20:56:19
Maybe because the Director's next favorite music scorer is Horner.

If I were a Director and I didn't get Zimmer I'd want Alan Silvestri or (If he was willing)
Zack Hemsey.

Maybe the director thought that he would go with his second favorite.

trent easton navarro2013-11-01 22:16:55
@frisbee You know, the rock band angle doesn't even bother me. Hell, I loved Zimmer's score for M:i 2 which is basically a rock score.

It's just a shame that we have another franchise with probably no musical continuity. And looking at past projects, the more Zimmer hypes it up beforehand, the less interesting the score turns out to be (TDKR, MoS). But we'll see how it turns out, Marr and Stewart are both wonderful artists.

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-01 23:04:56
M:I 2 has parts that are nice and parts that make my ears bleed. I certainly hope TASM doesn't sound like that. Rush was much better but still not a sound I can really imagine for Spider-Man...

MacArthur2013-11-02 05:03:17
Maybe he will surprise us. I think maybe he's trying to get us to think like that and then he will fool us.

Mike2013-11-02 14:15:09
...Or, as someone else said, this will be just like Inception and MoS where these guys do nothing to REALLY influence the score. :)

Mike reply Replies: 8 || 2013-10-29 16:35:40
Too bad the article, like many other people, seems to be blasting Horner's score. I thought it was good for the most part.

isildur2013-10-29 16:40:36
I am excited for this movie only because Hans is scoring. I didn't like the first movie at all. Not even the score, I thought it was bland.

Mike2013-10-29 16:41:23
You thought the score was more bland than The Avengers? ;)

MacArthur2013-10-29 16:52:40
To tell the Truth I liked the Avengers score Thought that Silvestri's Themes for it were good.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-29 17:03:34
I don't get the dislike for Horner's Spider-Man score. What's not to like about it? It has a nice memorable theme (one that actually dares to be, gasp, major-key and heroic at times), good action cues, good character moments with a strong EMOTIONAL core. Just because it didn't have a bunch of low synth brass chords and wasn't following an obvious Zimmer temp means it's a bad score these days, I guess. :/

0-cool2013-10-29 17:17:56
MoS had a lot of major key moments

isildur2013-10-29 17:24:25
Well, when you bring The Avengers everything else sounds good :D

Edmund, it's not like everyone who didn't like that score automatically is a synth brass fan ;) It just wasn't my taste and honestly the movie did it no favours.

MacArthur2013-10-29 17:27:04
I didn't Mind Horner's score some of it was unusual but I like it.

One Horner score I hate is Titanic. but overall his stuff is ok

tomPoland2013-10-30 17:29:01
"a fairly lackluster example of the usually bombastic superhero score"
"bland-but-serviceable score"

really? really? author is either stupid or deaf

Horner score was IMO better than Elfman's (besides that obvious titanic-theme in crane scene). Nice respite from heavy RCP and Tyler scores.

PS. Looks what happened when they kicked out Horner from Ender's Game. Disaster.

MacArthur reply Replies: 4 || 2013-10-29 16:33:02
"The First Time They worked together"

"Worked together several Times"

Hac2013-10-29 18:09:56
You''quote'' ??

MacArthur2013-10-29 18:55:41
No just he said They never worked together and then he said they worked together the very next sentence

Mike2013-10-29 19:09:50
No, here's what it said, MacArthur:

"This would NOT be the first time Pharrell has worked with Zimmer – the pair have worked together multiple times, including on the scores for Man of Steel and the 84th Annual Academy Awards in 2012."

MacArthur2013-10-29 19:43:12
Guy must have changed it cause I don't think it said that this morning.© 2001-2018 OST 
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to Be Scored by Hans Zimmer & Pharrell Williams