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Comparing the track times listed here, it seems (at first glance) that many of the tracks are edited down from the complete cues as heard on the bootleg. Could the listed track times be simply incorrect, or have edits been made to make the score fit onto four sides? I guess we can find out when the record ships in July.<br><br>Additionally, for those without a record player it sucks that a CD release was not possible for La-La Land. Whatever the reasons are for that, it's a bizarre situation that one independent label can release the same material on vinyl but another cannot on CD. Quite perplexing...@Hybrid, will you make the Scoob Page?Perhaps "The Cistern (Alternate)" is the album version. The music I heard in the film is not 100% the same with the track I heard in the OST.Dang I cant wait to hear the Alternate 'Cistern' cueVinyl only...How dumb can you get
Lol, youíre right! I though that was Rambo III climbing the cliffs for a moment.LLL made MI 1 Complete. So they are trying to make MI 2 Complete. That could move Varese to make MI 3 Complete. But studio (Disney) don't want it.Use the Wayback Machine on - it's all there! :)@Zimson<br>404 not found dudeWhy would a studio allow a vinyl release but no CD or digital release? That's utter nonsense. Almost like they're refusing to make money.
Any clue on where to find this Complete Score?.. and people wonder why there's "bootlegs" out there...Next time, we can expect a wax cylinder release... :(@Jerry<br><br>At the Film Score Monthly message board, MV said that La La Land has been trying to release this one for years but got shot down by the studio. So sadly, a CD release won't happen for nowNo.
Any chance of a CD or Digital release?Yes, is coming this Friday, confirmed by TomI really like this score performed by tom holkenborg of the netflix series "White Lines" and my favorite track is "Infinity" which it was awsome and great dance music i ever heard.<br><br>Btw are any news from the Scoob! Original score by tom holkenborg coming out this friday, right?Time to buy a record player guys!<br><br>Honestly couldn't be more happy about this.yes yes yes!!! the best MI Score :) can't wait!

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  2014, July 24  updated by Hybrid Soldier
Hans Zimmer to score KUNG FU PANDA 3

Hans Zimmer confirmed to he will return to score the next installment of the Kung Fu Panda franchise, KUNG FU PANDA 3, set for release on December 21st 2015.

Up to this point it has not been confirmed yet if John Powell, who scored Kung Fu Panda & Kung Fu Panda 2 with Hans, will return as well.

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Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 18 || 2014-07-24 13:47:55
News ! :)

Lambegue2014-07-24 15:46:41
I really hope Powell will be here too :)

Zimson2014-07-24 20:35:14
Great! Can we expect to hear more of Hans on this one? :)

Bondo2014-07-25 01:13:02
Best. News. Ever!

thejok3rrules2014-07-25 05:46:10
It's not ''best news ever'' until Powell confirms his return.

Edmund Meinerts2014-07-29 05:09:59
It won't be a KFP score without Powell. Even though, IMO, we could easily have one without Hans (and indeed did).

Zimson2014-07-29 12:24:25
You don't even know how much he really did on the second one. I mean, you also underestimated Lorne Balfe's amount of work. I'm fairly sure he will play a bigger role on this one, since he hopefully won't have 2 projects at the same time.

Zimson2014-07-29 12:28:13

Hybrid Soldier2014-07-29 12:50:51
Don't worry guys Powell will be there... It's just Hans couldn't confirm yet...

Though, yeah, last time he couldn't confirm someone's involvement to me, it was for JNH on TDKR, we know what happened after... lol

Mike2014-07-29 19:51:39
Good news for now at least! :)

Anonymous2014-07-29 20:35:17
i'm still sad JNH wasn't on TDKR. he could have written the theme for Catwoman. i liked the one we got okay, but this would have been neat. or they could have switched it up and have him do Bane, so he'd have a bigger role like in the Begins score.

Pablo Reyes2014-08-14 03:02:05
God... I hope Powell returns to score this one...

Pablo Reyes2014-12-30 22:11:27
Darn... Don't think Powell will be working on this one:
"WAMG: Will you score KUNG FU PANDA 3?
JP: I donít know about that one. I doubt that very much. There are plenty of people who can do that."
Link to interview: http:/ / train-dragon-2-oratorio-wamg/

Edmund Meinerts2014-12-30 22:55:49
It's a shame, but I partly agree with him - plenty of other composers could probably turn in a fine Kung Fu Panda score. Dom Lewis, for example. If it's a choice between Powell working on Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Dragon...well, that's hardly a choice at all, is it?

Somehow I'm starting to doubt we'll ever see Powell return to full productivity (years of four or five scores). Dang it man. The ONE guy who I really want to see his career bloom and continue to evolve. I feel like there's so much he could still give, so much territory he hasn't explored yet. :(

NM2014-12-31 05:09:56
"I'm starting to doubt we'll ever see Powell return to full productivity"

Maybe not in terms of film scores, but he seems plenty productive to me. I'm looking forward to hearing his Oratorio and the suites of his music album sounds like a great idea. It looks like he's just pursuing the projects that make him happy - tuneful, complex music - how good for him!

Zimson2014-12-31 10:50:09
Man, Kfp 2 was absolutely magnificent! I'm nonetheless convinced Hans and Lorne will do a great job. They won't bring it down to Madagascar quality. (Had to say this)

NM2014-12-31 13:02:09
The Madagascar scores are perfectly fine and enjoyable. It's the albums that suck.

Edmund Meinerts2014-12-31 13:21:38
That's true to an extent, NM - the albums don't paint those scores in a good light at all - but the Madagascar scores themselves are still not much more than average. Kung Fu Panda is still several steps beyond Madagascar, and I hope we can say that for the third one as well.

Pablo Reyes2015-01-10 05:23:30
Well, it is true... Anybody can score this alongside Zimmer. The real question is, if they can find someone that can do it as well as he did!
Hahaha, this is just my opinion of course!

NM reply Replies: 0 || 2014-07-29 01:45:01
What happened to the Tomorrowland music? Where's that 10 minute piece?© 2001-2018 OST 
Hans Zimmer to score Kung Fu Panda 3