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Hey guys where can i download the complete soundtrack ?That's a great news!Alita ia going to be release by Milan RecordsCan't freaking wait for this. The series ends with a bang!Coming soon !
So this is basically a Mazzaro scoreIt's great but sadly it's only used in the end credits :-(<br>I suspect it might have been an alternate version of the opening scene.<br><br>Anyway the rest of the score is absolutely stunning, a good balance between heavy action and themes (and incredible choir). A new high in JXL's career, let's hope the OST release does it justice.get this a cd-release too<br>Don't forget the pointless changes like the opening title music for AUE being replaced with an E Major version of The Shire and Gandalf's Farewells for some reason. Or temp tracking earlier pieces of the film in for later scenes.Tom just released "London Suite in C Major" on his YouTube channel, and I am really loving it. He's usually hit-or-miss for me, but this cue in particular really intrigues me. Sounds like he merged the orchestral sections of Fury Road with the flighty ballads of Hollywood Golden Age music.
CD Release?Will there be a Blu-ray release for this as well. I had heard that the Hollywood in Vienna award show that is essentially the same set would get a Blu-ray release.Especially in the first one, there's a ton of LOTR themes needledropped even though Shore wrote original material for those exact scenes that you can hear on the album, and also there are themes used in scenes where they don't belong at all. Oh and the main theme of the first one and a couple of the secondary ones completely disappear from the second and third moviesLot of Mazzaro credits hereJackson use more LOTR music than the original music created for the movie.<br><br>Altough, Watertower releases respect the material written by Shore (as he wanted)
Skipped the Hobbit films. How so was the music mistreated in those?Peej only produced this film, didn't direct it, and also I sorta think he and Howard Shore don't have the warmest of relationships considering the King Kong firing and then the way the music was mistreated in the Hobbit films.Why wouldn't Peter Jackson have Howard Shore score?Both of these redesigns are great!@Everan your cover is really nice, I like it!!

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  2018, March 25  updated by Hybrid Soldier

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Adervae reply Replies: 0 || 2018-05-25 21:37:58
This is just more of the "smooth talking, bad scoring" technique that Zimmer is very good at.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 4 || 2018-03-25 19:26:57

George2018-03-25 20:03:54
Almost 2 hours?! Canít wait to see this

superultramegaa2018-03-25 20:26:05
Shame Jablonsky wasn't here. Would have loved him to talk more about his work with Hans and his own work.

Oscarilbo2018-03-28 18:10:16
Hybrid, any idea of what Pirates of the Caribbean scene was Hans talking about Ramin stepping up from the coffey guy to a real composer?

Hybrid Soldier2018-03-28 19:09:12
He says it pretty clearly => the Swordfight. ;)

nvictor reply Replies: 0 || 2018-03-27 13:02:08
thanks for sharing this. there's so much to learn from these guys.

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