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A Celebration? It's actually on youtube now.Got it. I assumed as much for the first 3. Thanks.hahahaha ... crack, sorry. Well so far there is no news of anything. Only the video that one track and one with Dave, but it's a preview.<br>I'm not sure how to get news on this, I really would like to get it hahaha.Isabel Suite = Isabel the Strong<br>Thadeous Suite = Thadeous<br>The Quest Suite = Let Us Quest!<br><br>End credits is probably ripped from the film.> Fair enough, but I know for a fact that Steve was inspired by Harry Potter because of the complete score track "Tavern Fighting (Part 1)". The end of that track has a direct reference to The Chamber of Secrets theme from the second film.<br><br>Nice catch. Those are very similar.<br><br>Btw, I have some "expanded" version of the score, which seems to be identical to the complete score on this site, aside from the fact that it's missing the last 4 tracks. Do those have equivalents in the regular release?
Yes, I was referring to A Celebration. "It's out there" as in "it can be obtained unofficially". Were you referring to the Sia track? That is on Bleeding Fingers', but you can find it on the bleeding fingers page.<br>it also doesn't look like planet eart: a celebration has a release :(Well, it's out there. Looks like no official release?> He's just posted in his Instagram story that in 9 days he has more interesting stuff coming.<br><br>Today's status says it's his "first published film score". That sounds like awesome news. I really hope this starts a trend...<br><br>I imagine having your own label-thing helps for stuff like expanded releases and sheet music?can you produce track for me?
How do I become your apprentice? tremblayliam@yahoo.comGreenland is so good!<br><br>Nice mix between kids choir, electronics and orchestra, remind me to San Andreas a little.Never listen the complete score, so i can't comment about thatFair enough, but I know for a fact that Steve was inspired by Harry Potter because of the complete score track "Tavern Fighting (Part 1)". The end of that track has a direct reference to The Chamber of Secrets theme from the second film.I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!
Dark Phoneix is more playable than Dunkirk, more thematic in my opinion, and don't agree with that opinions saying are the same, specially when Dark Phoenix has more in common with the early 2010s and some of the 90s score by Zimmer.I don't find the similarities between Playful Secrets and Home Alone, mostly the track (and the most part of the score) reminds more to Danny Elfman than John Williams, even Goldsmith, which his synthesizers sounds, are pretty unique, much more than Jablonsky in this score, but i give that sounds like a 80s synthesizer.Please Inception be next!!<br>There are tons of music in the film that didn't make it to the soundtrack.That's great. I personally like Dark Phoenix more than dunkirk, I feel pretty good visiting Xperiments.<br><br>The funny thing (and I can identify with your anecdote), is that every time I do homework with my son, I put music on him (not just Hans), but he also gets to recognize just by listening to a fragment or the main theme, a example is le petit prince, the lion king and the hobbit., among others recognizes them. He's only 4 years old and I'm funny because he asks me for music to do his battles.<br>quite an experience hahaI have a feeling Hans doesnít even know about this release lol. Itís so lazily done. I hope the packaging makes up for it tho. <br><br>Iím crossing my fingers for Dunkirk but I donít think itíll ever happen. That

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  2020, September 12  updated by Hybrid Soldier

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Question for Hybrid reply Replies: 6 || 2020-09-16 16:52:51
Hybrid, do you pretty much exclusively listen to RCP film scores, or do you have other composers you listen to... if so, who? Just curious!

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Mephariel2020-09-16 17:11:40
His favorite score is Justice League from Danny Elfman so he listens to other composers. ;)

johny5552020-09-16 17:44:14
okay, lets be honest, who doesnt love JLīs score from Elfman?

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-16 18:48:23
Craig Armstrong, JNH, Horner, Poledouris, a good chunk of Williams (who doesn't ?), and Elfman obviously even if I haven't heard anything interesting from him since Alice in Wonderlands 10 years ago...

JL, I don't care much about the music itself, it's nothing particularly bad nor good either. It's just, they stole my toy, and now they're getting full force Karma for this sacrilege ! :D

MrZimmerFan2020-09-16 18:49:57
Even The Wolfman, Hybrid?

That's such a great score.

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-16 18:53:17
Actually Wolfman is good, I just haven't seen that film since I saw the director's cut like 9 years ago. I really loved Wanted too...

But stuff like Doolittle, in cinema I was like "?? Danny ???" (ok, the film didn't help lol).

MrZimmerFan2020-09-16 18:55:49
Wanted, such underrated action score

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 7 || 2020-09-12 10:28:06
Happy birthday Hans !

With a fun surprise !! :)

Anonymous2020-09-12 12:17:25
Beautiful, happy birthday Hans ,:)

mpolonest123 2020-09-12 14:22:00
LOL thatís amazing!

Happy Bday Hans! :D

MrZimmerFan2020-09-12 16:27:20
Happy Birthday, Hans&#161;

Patrak2020-09-12 20:09:33
feat. Hans Zimmer... for REAL !

Well done, really well done, and Happy Birthday Florian :-)

isildur2020-09-12 21:02:06
WOW!! Hybrid! This is so cute and awesome. Happy birthday Hans!

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-12 21:44:35
It was very cool of Hans to accept and record his voice for it ! :D

Especially in Covid time all locked up home...

NotaPix2020-09-14 20:31:55
Happy time for the future, Mr Hans Zimmer, and happy completion this year.
Too many people like to watch a movie with their eyes and forget their ears. the image impresses and amazes, but the sound soothes and cradles in silence... is wrapped around the light.
happy continuation :)© 2001-2018 OST