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Can someone please tell me what the music in the end titles of this doco was called.  Doesn't appear to be on soundtrack.  It is the music when they are showing the next shuttle after Challenger lifting off.Listened some samples on Itunes, lots, LOTS of orchestra, sounds goodKong: Skull Island for 3rd March<br><br>https:/ / al-motion-picture-soundtrack/ id1208675396<br><br>1. South Pacific (0:35)<br>2. The Beach (1:27)<br>3. Project Monarch (2:02)<br>4. Packard’s Blues (1:14)<br>5. Assembling the Team (1:48)<br>6. Into the Storm (2:44)<br>7. The Island (1:16)<br>8. Kong the Destroyer (3:43)<br>9. Monsters Exist (2:27)<br>10. Spider Attack (1:39)<br>11. Dominant Species (2:00)<br>12. The Temple (5:47)<br>13. Grey Fox (2:33)<br>14. Kong the Protector (1:49)<br>15. Marlow’s Farewell (2:37)<br>16. Lost (1:27)<br>17. The Boneyard (1:52)<br>18. Ambushed (2:21)<br>19. The Heart of Kong (2:11)<br>20. Man vs. Beast (2:31)<br>21. Creature from the Deep (2:44)<br>22. The Battle of Skull Island (5:46)<br>23. King Kong (2:42)<br>24. Monster Mash (Bonus Track) (1:27)Great sounding score . Definitely best score of the year . This a cool Batman scorof and better than most of the superheroes movie soundtracks week done to himThe demos he posted on Facebook arnt on the album ? Does anyone know if releasing them . Great soundtrack and which more animation music was like this
Really enjoyed this score. Great main theme and beautiful variations on it throughout the score. Good action cues also.since 2015?? and everybody was silent and that for two years? damn man, i want the complete score :(Happy Birthday maestroToo many songs but the score is amazing and really enjoying  the scoreReally can't get this anywhere else?? so I want :((<br><br>
As all "Unofficial release" or "Bootleg release", you can't get it officialy, so you will not get this information here.Don't count on it before the new tour is over!Yes and the robin theme that is the song i Found You is beautiful. Going back to see lego batman again tonight !Any more dates in London? Thanks!Great score . And love the Robin theme . Lovely tunes and cool action music
really I want it!! (((<br>Russian fans are here.<br>Come to moscow someday with orchestra pleaseWhere i can get this?where &#1110; can buy Complete Score??I really just can't wait one more day !! :'( <br>No information ?

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