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Finally!Loving this weeks releases from Balfe from Ghost . It is an amazing scoreHere<br><br>http: //<br><br>The score is getting release by WaterTower3 left ! ;)My fault, it was "Rage and Serenity"
Does anyone know how many tracks Lorne will release?Winter Soldier sounds almost nothing like Kingsman<br>Civil war maybeYes! "No Time for Emotion" and "Not In Vain" contain John Denver's "Country Roads"! No Time for Emotion is Mark Strong singing it like in the film!! I'm so happy they included this! :DDoes anyone know a chronological order or is this chronological??"Mutant and Proud" (from X-Men First Class) was used on the scene when Harry's gets back his memories. Am i right?
Now I'm even more excited for this!Thanks !Here's the interview:<br><br>He starts talking about the score, quite passionately, at 05:50:)<br><br>Yeah that's probably the case! I think Wallfish is a great composer so I am sure it'll sound great!Probably. The first Kingsman sounds just like Winter Soldier.Any link to that ITW ? :)<br><br>Yeah Hans probably wrote the main ideas and probably a bunch of the big cues but Wallfisch wrote a good chunk of it... :)
There's an interview where the director talks about the score being brilliant and he says Walfischs name before Zimmers so we can guess that zimmer being busy with the tour didn't have time to do that much on this score so this will be a mostly wallfish score.Is it just me or is Poppy’s theme the same thing as Jack and Jill’s theme from puss n boots?I have no idea, it's been there since July, could be...<br><br>Check the featurette that came out a few days ago, "The World of Blade Runner", in it I think is definitely score material !interessting... i really think it can be a HZ/ BW / JJ track, it doesn't sound that commercial and basicRandy is obviously wrong and an idiot in my point of view.

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