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Let me rephrase...<br><br>The main cue used in the album is "Stairwell/Tunnel Chase", but the film version used in the film are these cues.<br><br>Stairwell fight - "Stairwell / Tunnel Chase" (First part)<br>Rooftop fight - "Stairwell / Tunnel Chase" mixed with a section of "Market Fight"<br>Car chase sequence - "(Unnamed sequence)" mixed with the rest of "Stairwell / Tunnel Chase"and before you say it<br>yes some of it sound a little different in the movie<br>but it IS the theme<br>the movie just edited a few partsYes, can't wait for it :)Off topic:<br><br>Kong: Skull Island, released by Watertower Music.umm....."Stairwell / Tunnel Chase"
does anyone know the cue names that appear in the "Tunnel Chase" sequence by chance?The link on YouTube started then stopped after 15 minutes unfortunately . It was very funny and makes me want  to wat h the film more than everStill waiting for itpost here a link please, I canīt find it :( :(I see on Balfe's Facebook he is being interviewed live on<br>line with lego director and crew.
Detroit has to be one of Balfe's best scores . Looking forward for Lego <br>Batman.Can everyone say me how i can buy or download this genious complete Score?The album for that one is such a disaster. I don't remember much about the score in film but I do remember there being a lot of really good stuff. Would love to hear a complete...SH2 is one of my holy grails, the train scene score is absolutly greatInteresting, it's A company based in London: Here is their shop, looks A bit cheesy not Really up to date  I see A lot of Dutch names in the production for Hans's concert. Interesting   We'll see........what will happen the next month.
Still no news about the CD / Blu-Ray of the Live 2016.<br><br>The only thing I've found is the official web page of the Blu-Ray producer, they say it's comming soon:<br> of shadows complete score is a dream...Umm...there aren't pages for the complete scoresAm i missing something?<br><br>Is Sherlock 2 out already?Hey @Hybrid, <br><br>what's now with a Complete Score Page for Sherlocke Holmes & Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows??

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