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Good for him! It's great that this score is getting such acclaim. It's a very fun and enjoyable one. But go out and ask those same people if they like this more or How to Train Your Dragon and then come back and tell me what they say.Totally lost ! /9 fed up with the violence amongst us all !Sorry but !!! Edmund you seem to be in the minority !  Social media is constantly <br>Mentioning the score in reviews . I realize I'm new to the new site but I  follow Ihim on twitter and Facebook and everyone seems to be congratulating on the soundtrack . Apart from you ! Anyway - it's fun and I close my eyes and sit back and listen to it and enjoy A what else can I ask for ."now lorn music is beating everyone's music for animation."<br><br>Sorry. As good as this score is, Lorne still has a long long way to go before he reaches John Powell's level.Who can tell me the new release date of the DVD Live on Tour 2016? Thank you all.
Onlyon this forum ! I think it's amazing and the music makes the film . I have always been a fan of Hans music but now lorn music is beating everyone's music for animation . Really great and best batman score since batman beginsThere seems some negative comments about this score but I think it is great because it is fun but also with great serious overtones. For a change , the music was as important as ththe storyline for a change . I was actually shocked to see Lorne's name at the end because I had never heard his music this good. seems like he was allowed to go wild and enjoy writing . Enjoyed this soundtrack more than anything in a long time so well done@jrej3555<br><br>Where does Part 3 go? zW_wEeYxk49mJ4kq_YIeYYzybMGSHz0<br><br>And here's a little one behind-the-scenes!<br><br>Here's a little behind-the-scenes!
Really enjoying this score and the film was great . Lorne's writing is getting<br>Better and better and this is his best so far . Beautiful  and great music .Its the Full Score Avaliable?Its the Full Score Avaliable?Yeah, it's weird. The copy I found was missing those four tracks as well. Strange...anybody spy those anywhere?The Lion King remake in the works now has James Earl Jones back. Would Zimmer be a part of this if he were asked?
Glad to have this too.<br>With the European cover.In the end credits !Where does the song I Found You feature in the film?  It's a beautiful and it's the Robin theme but want to know where it goes .Speed!Didn't notice you added the complete score and credits for some of these Powell scores...Thanks!

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  Angels Fall (TV) (Score Producer)

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  Carolina Moon (TV) (Score Producer)

  Charlie Wilson's War (Composer)

  I Am Legend (Composer)

  Michael Clayton (Composer)

  The Great Debaters (Composer)

  The Lookout (Composer)

  The Water Horse - Legend Of The Deep (Composer)


  Blood Diamond (Composer)

  Freedomland (Composer)

  Lady In The Water (Composer)

  RV (Composer)


  King Kong (Composer)

  Magnificent Desolation - Walking On The Moon 3D (Documentary) (Co-Composer)

  Batman Begins (Composer)

  The Interpreter (Composer)


  Collateral (Composer)

  Hidalgo (Composer)

  The Village (Composer)


  Dreamcatcher (Composer)

  Peter Pan (Composer)


  Signs (Composer)

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  Treasure Planet (Composer)


  America's Sweethearts (Composer)

  Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Composer)


  Dinosaur (Composer)


  Dante's Peak (Additional Music)

  Metro (Additional Music)


  Outbreak (Composer) 2001-2015 OST 
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