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Hello everybody,<br><br>does anybody know if the cd is released?<br>Can't find a website with further information...<br>Do you know where to buy the album?<br><br>Thanks!Hans Zimmer can credit anyone whom he thinks has helped him out on the score.Eagle Rock just replied to my email. Apparently coming later this year, but no actual date yetI always like hearing a score first before I go in. Especially with a film like this. When I haven't heard the score first I pay too much attention to the music so I can take everything in but then I stop using attention to the movie itself. But in case with Dunkirk the movie comes out few day before the score gets released in my country.Yeah, I don't think I can help it, but I really want to watch the movie first before listening to the score.<br><br>With Interstellar, it was a magical experience, especially when Cornfield Chase was playing and No Time for Caution melding perfectly with the docking scene.
I'll never forget how thrilling it was when I watched Interstellar, once the cd was released after the movie, because Hans and Nolan wanted us to feel the images and sound together. I'll do the same with Dunkirk and all further movies with these amazing director and composer.Yes haha I Know this one and it is just sad because the People that Listen to this Kind of Music like us Are often very passionate about it and to make Profit this way is really Not fair and it is really the Most confusing thing that happend to me when it comes to this Music buisness. For Sure Crimson Tide and TF4 Are Not available as well but this TF3 Score is Giant ! For me in the Same Level as Inception if You Look at it as a wholeand not just Time .Look at this what happens! Because of this strategy the score is available at certain dealers for 621 Pound sterling! It seems that the CD was in sale too. Unbelievable<br><br> ls?_encoding=UTF8&me=Look at this what happens! Because of this strategy the score is available at certain dealers for 621 Pound sterling! It seems that the CD was in sale too. Unbelievable<br><br> ls?_encoding=UTF8&me=Did Mr. Jablonsky write that beautiful piano melody in Hunted? Or was it Hans?
25 minutes :O Where's all of that? They didn't use that in the movie. Don't understand why so many songs were in the movie :( Will there be an expanded release?There's 25 actually lol...<br><br>And Hans just added a few notes here & there to the themes... ;)Hybrid, what "Additional music" did Hans do for this? There is hardly 7 minutes of score in this movie.There were little homages in Dark of the Moon with tracks like Communicating With Nest, but no the Autobot theme was very much distanced from at that point. Though there were many reprises of Optimus in Dark of the Moon. Also they play the 3 note escalation of Autobots in Did You Forget Who I Am.There are definitely similarities. Easy to spot. "Two Moons" (from 0:57), "We Were Gods Once" (from 0:26).
Is it me or the track "Two Moons" borrows some elements from "We Were Gods Onece" Dark of the Moon?Does anyone notice the Barbossa/Beckett theme from On Stranger Tides at 1:52 in "Shansa"?Musical Gold ! Perfect term for this . Still no suite examples ?That cue is Mazzaro !Oh, theme is Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, no Branderbourg Concerto no. 3.

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