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So Lorne's mp3 uploads. Would anyone class that as an 'official' release of the music from the movie?Currently watching this movie the first time ^^ ... and then... suddenly a music motive spontaneously pops up. Sound exactly like a little part from Armageddon "Secondary Protocol" -  really cool :) love the music in this movie. Very intense.I don't mean to pile on but do you really think that Hans touring is the only obstacle to a CD release of a completely forgotten 12-year-old film and score by a different composer?And why would Hans' tours be responsible for the fact that many albums these days don't get a physical release? While at the same time those tours even got an LP release... lolYou are aware that there's a pandemic going on right now, right?
I'm pretty sure that neither did he.I know Geoff does fantasy films and he is good at that, but I didn't want this.Lovely score by Atli, but also a bit typical for this kind of movie. This suite is all you need from this score. The songs are really great. Especially Double Trouble, Husavik and Running With The Wolves (i wish this song would be longer). Very nice movie and with a great soundtrack.Please tell me. When time come to Moscow.Wtf is up with that Time remix with Alan Walker?
@ Michael Hayko<br>cause yeah, there really is a market for a physical CD of a mediocre score of a film that everybody has forgotten even exists........said no one everOkay Zimmer it's time to get back to producing physical CDs and put your live performances on hold. You can start by producing 'Deception' it's such an amazing score! Okay you've had your fun pretending to be a rockstar now let's get back to the business of film music please!Top news :<br><br> nd-dune-lion-king-ascap-awards-1234646855/i did not realize i put shit instead of shine lmaoooo fml I'm out of here lol
How do I get this soundtrack??? Dying to hear it.Oh, sorry, I thought we are talking about Dune here.I remember Hans directly responding to me on Facebook saying that this score is gonna be mostly him. Oh well, from the "Kawczynski - Mazzaro" duo, Steve is at least a much, much better choice. And as Hybrid says, it might be embellished.Yeah, Zimmer has already say things like that. That is how he build his empire.Be careful of the natural tendency Hans has to put some light on the role of others... :)

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 Katia Lewin Jablonsky
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  Seven Worlds One Planet (TV Series Documentary) (Music Editor)


  Through The Wormhole (TV Series Documentary - Season 8) (Music Editor)


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  Last Knights (Music Editor)

  The Scorpion King 4 - Quest For Power (V) (Music Editor)

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  How Do You Know (Music Assistant)

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  Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 (VG) (Additional Engineering)

  The Maiden Heist (Assistant)

  Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen (Assistant Score Engineer)

  Angels & Demons (Assistant Score Mixer)

  Sherlock Holmes (Assistant Score Engineer)

  The Boat That Rocked (Score Technical Assistant)

  The Code (Assistant Music Mixer)


  Bedtime Stories (Additional Recordings)

  Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Assistant)

  Casi Divas (Assistant)

  Gears Of War 2 (VG) (Assistant Music Mixer)

  Ghost Town (Assistant)

  Iron Man (Assistant Score Engineer)

  Kung Fu Panda (Score Technical Assistant)

  Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa (Additional Recordings)

  Outlander (Assistant)

  The Burning Plain (Assistant Score Engineer)

  The Dark Knight (Assistant Score Engineer)

  The X Files - I Want To Believe (Assistant)

  Frost/Nixon (Assistant Score Mixer) 2001-2018 OST 
Katia Lewin Jablonsky