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I'm tired to be best for editing with each scene with the Bourne legacy complete score and a complete score will be on YouTube.Today, I just finished ripping with the Bourne legacy complete score, but there a few SFX tracks, but mostly with the motorcycle chase scene. Complete Score runtime (As Heard In Film): 89min 30sec.Isolated score is coming:<br><br> 9?s=19I hope the site hasnít gotten in any trouble for posting the lists :-(I haven't in a long time, you'll notice...
@Hybrid I don't get it. You usually post lists anyway when stuff like this happens. Why is it such a big deal when someone else does it?"it must have been deleted."<br><br>Yes. Stop this please.true...Guess a sessions leak of a score that was already 90 minutes long on the original album isn't worth getting super excited for...Is it me or does the main theme sound a lot like Hannibal? No doubt Zanelliís stamp on the score...
Hybrid, did Zimmer composed any of the music in the second trailer? <br><br>Interesting that nobody's mentioned the sessions leak. Pretty sure I posted a cue list but it must have been deleted.@mephariel<br>None of the styles work for me really. Most of the score comes across as a pastiche of ideas from other Zimmer scores where they were better developed (Gladiator, The Rock, Crimson Tide, etc.) and Even the action is kind of hit or miss. I just donít find it to be an interesting score honestly.@kiki: delete inferno for me aswell......and a very good solo Balfe cue, at that. That theme and Hans' Moriarty theme are the most engaging ideas of these movies, to me. <br><br>Hey, while I'm here, any word on Hans doing the third movie?
i would delete Dunkirk immediately from that library. That's the WORST score ever written from any composer out there. This isn't even a score or film music. Just pure sound effects.No, "Psychological Recovery" is scored to picture, a bunch of cues put together from the climax of the film. IIRC the first three minutes or so are a solo Balfe cue actually.Nope, not a suite, a mix of about 4/5 cues.M:I2 is definitely a polarizing score. But I have to say, this is the first time I heard the criticism stylistically bland refer to this score. Because for most people who dislike the score, they think the score is too this score. hasn't grown on me. was listening to it on my commute today. do you guys know if the track "psychological recovery" is the "suite" that came first. and then other cues developed from it? thanks

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